The value of having outcomes, material and assessment aligned. Facilitate accomplishment of the assignment by providing guide steps for mind mapping and strategies for problem solving. The facilitator provides a summary of the lesson and ends with three strategies for problem solving. This site uses cookies. The previous lesson was about writing a business memo and I had the privilege of sitting in the class a day prior to my scheduled teaching demonstration. I also found the experience valuable because in our program we ask the students to create video projects and this allowed me to trouble shoot and to show students an example of my creativity. A Problem to be resolved Input:

Discussing the answers to the quiz served as a summary review of the lesson. I wanted to weave all these into their discussions of sustainability, the economy, international development, collaboration and technology. This course involved 4 assigments: Introductions and Expectation Setting Fun activity: The assessment instrument which was given to each student did not yield good results because of the little time provided in completing the quiz. Eventually, I offered to design any lesson plan which will directly complement the program.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For the Listening class, 1. I made cpstone that my lessons would complement and facilitate the completion of the student assignments. Reflection on the lesson. The PIDP courses have allowed me a chance to explore what teaching iswhat it means to me, and who I want to become as teacher.

It has been an invaluable resource in explaining what is happening in my classroom. For a new professional immigrant who aims to mainstream into the Canadian labour market, building networks is a necessity.

I must 3207, it was rather weird to watch myself deliver instruction in the classroom, so reflecting on my lesson for assignment 3 took more time. I refer to material every day when teaching, whether it be for activities, feedback, organization, making exams and more. Facilitator will thank everyone for the success of the activity and acknowledge the support of BCIT instructor-host for the Capstone teaching demonstration.


After finishing all the course requirements for all the foundation courses in January, I focused projet finding an institution, university or college who was willing to provide me with a window of opportunity to run a 45 minute lesson to adult learners. Projectt feel one of the best things about the courses are the reflection and being able to see that all the courses are overlapped, as is teaching.

PIDP – Capstone

I met with similar liked individuals and learned about ccapstone on campus. In the Reading class, I should have checked if the eggs were hard boiled before bringing them to class. It allowed quick feedback and affirmation on learning. In the process, each one used all the strategies in locating the main idea in the video. Students were engaged in mind mapping andgiven the little time provided, they managed to produce good mind maps which provoked a discussion after the activity.

The second Capstone class was in Listening last 4 April For the Listening class, there was a technical glitch when the uploaded video clip did not match its audio. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I did not have any difficulty getting volunteers to engage in the activity.

ABC’s of Medical Radiation TechnoloG: My thoughts on the PIDP courses

What I would do differently: However, it did not dampen the spirits of the volunteers and discouraged the other students because it was a timely segue to asking students if they perceived any problem in the activity. Power Point and video presentations.


3270 capstone project

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Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

I take the work home, and am constantly thinking of ideas and how to improve but it is very rewarding and allows you to be creative which I love. They were expected to be hard-boiled eggs to illustrate the quick-peeling process. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but listen to your students, don’t be afraid to make changes as you are learning too, have reasoning behind projecg you are doing and verbalize it, keep being a student yourself, no tricks, keep things aligned and most importantly for me is value the student-teacher relationship 370 be yourself when teaching – you will enjoy it more and so will the students!

I originally took this course first but dropped out as I was having difficulty balancing being a new instructor and an online course.

I looked at it as a great place to store ideas and to reflect. I have appreciated the feedback from instructors and feel that they want me to succeed. I think the student engagement techniques textbook is one that I will always have and refer back to for ideas.

3270 capstone project

Learning about feedback instruments and the value of having one done midterm and at the end of term. Emphasis was 3720 put on life long learning and I see that having a plan for my career is important.