Girls are always the one to fall for someone, fall for someone that, according to society, they could never have. At first I tried to ignore it but the lingering sense of Luke watching me from the doorway was too much. My dad and uncle gasped. He looked down at you, red solo cup in hand as he rolled his eyes. You were sitting in silence, but a sudden crash from downstairs brought you and Ashton back to reality.

You had a wide smile on your face as you carried him up the stairs and into your room. You knew Ashton was at an important meeting, but right now you just needed your brother. I had to give you one of my old school bags to throw up in before I almost carried you to the toilet. His arms around you and his fingers in fast motion on the controller. Come on love, the Little Mix girls are here and want to meet you. But had they been already in that stage? You just wanted to play with him while you were still here, nothing wrong with that.


H I love you. That hit him about you and Calum, had you been dating? Requested by – Rebekah part 1 ———————————— A buzz of excitement was flowing through your body.

Luke rolled his eyes,grabbing your hand and dragging you a out of the car.

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I knocked on it trying to wipe the make up from my runny face. You turn and look up at him. All she ever wanted is for him to buy her things and go shopping. I put homewodk phone down and went up to her and hugged her. Age4 Calum held you against his side as he opened the tour bus door. Without looking up the one with the blue fringe spoke.

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You where hid under the sink in cabinets. The fight was suddenly about how Luke did everything way better than you. The two of you snuck away to the preferences. I mean you had 5sos a homewoork about them and they had heard a lot about you from your homework.


So you finally calmed down. She was growing up fast these days.

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