This activity allows the students to solve problems on free falling objects which involve quadratic functions. Let them answer the question and determine the equation of a quadratic function. Remind the students that if the vertex of the parabola cannot be exactly determined, they can get any three points from the graph and use the algebraic procedure in finding the equation of a quadratic function they learned in the previous activity. Find two positive numbers whose product equals In this activity, the students will be asked to determine the quadratic equation given the roots. Algebra 1 Quadratic Equation.

Algebra 2, Applications, Equations, and Graphs. Ask the students to perform activities that would help them recall the different mathematics concepts previously studied. What Are My Dimensions? The coordinates of all points along the parabola as shown by the broken line do not belong to the solution set of the inequality. Provide the students with opportunities to think deeply and test further their understanding of the nature of roots of quadratic equations by doing Activity 9.

There are two ways of finding the quadratic equation given its roots: Emphasize to them that there are quadratic equations which are not peoblem in standard form. March 24, Present to the class the illustrative examples. This activity enables the students to apply the properties of quadratic function to work on real-life problems. March 24, Guide questions for this activity can be found in LM p.

Let the students read and understand some important notes on equations transformable to quadratic equations.


Solving quadratics by taking square roots

The vertex is 1, 6. Let them explain how they arrived at their answers. Ask the students to have a closer look at some aspects of equations transformable to quadratic equations.

They were able to find out also how such equations are illustrated in real life. At this point, ask the students to use the mathematical ideas involved in finding the solutions of quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula and the examples presented in the preceding section to answer the succeeding activities.

Give emphasis to the mathematics concepts or principles the students applied in finding the solutions to the equations. Determines the equation Write up and of a quadratic function given: Allow the students to perform Activity 9. At this stage, however, the students may not be able to simplify these solutions because simplifying radicals has not been taken up yet.

1. Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

ny Let the students read and understand some important notes on quadratic equations. Let them find out how they can use completing the square in solving the quadratic equation formulated and in finding the length of the square-shaped car park.

9-6 problem solving solving quadratic equations by factoring answers

Equations which are linear: Refer to LM p. Solve the resulting equation by completing the square. Furthermore, they will be given a chance to apply the concepts learned in real- life problems and also to formulate their own real-life problems involving quadratic functions.

Let them use the different methods of finding solutions to quadratic equations.


9-6 problem solving solving quadratic equations by factoring answers

March 24, Let the students work in pairs on Activity 8. Which of the following mathematical statements is a quadratic inequality?

Let them perform Activity 4. Guide for Activity 6 a. Let the students do the Activity 6. Ask the students to draw and interpret the graph that represents the solution set of one of the mathematical sentences formulated. Procedure in finding the roots can be seen in module 1 lesson 2. Equations in Quadratic Form Feedback?

Let the students apply the concepts they learned to find the rule that represents the quadratic relationship in the problem. What is the maximum height reached by the ball? Rubrics on Maximizing Profit 4 3 2 1 Identifying Anticipated different Anticipated variables Anticipated variables Have a hard Problems kinds of variables in in complicated in complicated time complicated projects projects and thought projects, but I usually anticipating and thought of ways to of ways to manipulate do not think of ways variables.

Let them use the different methods of solving quadratic equations already presented. Let them explain how the nature of the roots of quadratic equations are determined then give examples to illustrate. Let the students work individually or in groups in doing a practical task.

9-6 problem solving solving quadratic equations by factoring answers