Depending on the format of your credits, you may need to convert them. Then, click the plus sign next to the repeated courses for each college or university you attended. Council of Fiscal Officers. What is a DO? This alerts the system that you aren’t required to enter a grade for this course. Preparing for DO School.

Osteopathic Health Policy Internship. Osteopathic Core Competencies for Medical Students. If you earned a second bachelor’s degree, that is considered post-baccalaureate. Society for Osteopathic Medical Educators. Note that earning Latin honors upon graduation does not mean your courses are retroactively considered “Honors. History of Osteopathic Medicine.

aacomas future coursework

You must complete Transcript Review before you can add prerequisites in the Program Materials section. National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators. Indicate if you took any honors courses, which are generally college or university courses taken at an honors level.

Once you complete in-progress courses, you can update them in the application. Requirements Reporting coursework accurately is your responsibility.


AACOMAS Application Instructions and FAQs

Effective May 1,applicants using the application cycle Reapplicant feature in AACOMAS for matriculation into the academic year must adhere to the new policy.

National Health Service Corps Initiative. Student Researcher of the Year. You can abbreviate it if it does not fit in the text box.

aacomas future coursework

Undergraduate Timeline for PreMed Students. Continue adding courses, as needed. If your transcript combines lab and lecture courses into one course, list it as one course on your application.

Ways to Get Involved.

Check the back of your transcript for a conversion ratio, which will say something like “1 unit is equivalent to 4 semester hours. Click Become an Osteopathic Physician. Web Sites for Prospective Medical Students.

Resources for Medical Students. If no degree is planned, select the college or university where you completed the majority of your undergraduate coursework.

AACOMAS Application Instructions

Continue adding terms, as needed. Mental Health Awareness Task Force. Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. You can only list test credits if they were awarded by one of the schools you attended and they appear on your transcript.


Council of Development of Alumni Relations Professionals. Excellence in Communications Awards Program. Faculty Development for Programs with Osteopathic Recognition. Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine – Admissions Offices.

Ufture Core Competencies for Medical Students. Osteopathic Medical Education Wellness Initiatives. Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles. Suggested Sources for More Information. I am a DO Student.

Updating Your AACOMAS Application/Academic Update

Press Releases and Statements. Qualities of a Successful DO Student. National Student Researcher of the Year Awards.

Identify your primary undergraduate institution. Osteopathic Medical Education in the United States. Other Core Competency Resources.

aacomas future coursework