We wanted to investigate how AHSNs had directly supported new networks to promote wealth creation with a focus on new contacts and new knowledge exchanges. Very senior leaders were regarded as being most knowledgeable across all types of knowledge products, services, research , but were especially important for the creation of new ideas to support wealth creation. These networks also offered a more diverse range of knowledge-sharing functions, such as the exchange of new ideas and perspectives, the development of new products and services, and new research findings i. International students Parents and family Applicants New students. We offer parking on site at UHS or through one of our park-and-ride schemes on a limited basis, based on specific eligibility criteria.

National knowledge networking supporting early stage Academic Health Science Network knowledge mobilisation: About Planning and strategy Strategy: Knowledge sources for wealth were mainly from academic health industry bases, with a growth in industry and local authority contacts from our earlier survey [ If you would like further information, or you know someone else who would like to receive regular updates on the progress of the KSS AHSN, please contact: There was some overlap between the individuals appearing in Health-Net and Wealth-Net in the sense that some of the same people were sharing knowledge in both domains. UHS actively promotes a work environment free from harassment and discrimination and provides training for managers and staff to ensure this happens.

SW AHSN Business Plan 2017-18

With an increased focus on integrated Read more. For example, in Figure 6AHSN 1 board members scatter most widely across the sociogram, a configuration that reveals that some board members are connecting with entirely different contacts from their colleagues; this is also suggestive of a geographically dispersed set of knowledge contacts see Figure 7.

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Later-stage actionable knowledge to support Academic Health Science Network wealth creation activity We later investigated through our T2 social network survey the wealth creation networks that had emerged as a result of AHSN networking and knowledge-sharing activity. Bisiness programme leverages the potential of mobile health technologies and wearable devices as well as the richness of data they generate — to identify approaches to improving care for people with long term conditions, the frail elderly and other user groups that could be implemented at lower overall cost than existing alternatives.


The AHSN authorisation process began with an expression of interest in July followed by submission of a prospectus before 1 October National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. We know there is opportunity to do much better at preventing AF-related strokes.

ahsn business plan

New relationships and plans for a major overseas investment taken up by our university and an AHSN. March Key conculsions Sepsis quality Read more.

The social network survey and qualitative interview schedules can be found busness appendices to this report see Appendices 11 and 12 for SNA and Appendices 13 — 17 for qualitative interview questions. Academic Health Science Network board members and knowledge networking around wealth creation Academic Health Science Network knowledge networking and implementation into practice Discussion and implications. Knowledge to support early-stage AHSN knowledge mobilisation mainly came from senior leaders and middle managers in the NHS, academia and industry, with a later growing involvement of individuals from other public sector domains and non-management roles.

Comparing knowledge networks supporting AHSN activity around health improvement and wealth creation. National knowledge networking around wealth creation Wealth-NET.

The development of knowledge networking to bisiness wealth creation was a particularly interesting avenue to explore given that our first survey had highlighted differences between networks of contacts being mobilised for health improvement and wealth creation and, importantly, that the latter were based on newly emerging relationships and, therefore, perhaps more likely to change over time.

Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate Part-time undergraduate Executive education. This was expected, given that the wealth creation challenge was newly emerging. Figures 6 and 7 are visual sociograms depicting national knowledge circulations around health and wealth relevant to AHSNs in their initial development.

ahsn business plan

We note the diversification of contacts across organisational roles, especially the increased involvement of non-managers, compared with earlier data. Figure pllan reveals that AHSN board members are leading knowledge networking to support wealth creation by collectively networking with each other and similar sets of contacts. AHSN 5 board members hold distinctly different positions from other AHSN leaders, suggesting that these individuals are mobilising knowledge separately.


This work was produced by Ferlie et al. International students Parents and family Applicants New students. Now is a great time to join the AHSN.

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Both chapters draw on our social network and qualitative interview data. Networks used to share knowledge about wealth creation differed from knowledge networks ahsm health improvement. And the conclusion is very clear — spending money on stroke prevention in AF protects patients and their families from life changing illness AND delivers early return on investment. This knowledge develops as a relational resource and is generated through interaction between multiple actors and becomes busniess of the regional fabric in the same way as its infrastructure and assets.

University of Kent KentHealth. If you have any queries about the model, please contact our Business Intelligence team on B. Courses Study and work abroad Double-degrees Short-term study options ‘International’ courses Erasmus exchanges International students Study at Kent Application process When you arrive.

The AHSNs businness one of the best things that was decided in Innovation, Health and Wealth, the idea of setting up 15 different entrepreneurial initiatives working on those two problems simultaneously. We are seeking a primary plqn innovations programme manager to join the team.

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Fighting heart failure through collaboration. For businesss, the recently published paper in the European Stroke Journals suggests the benefits of preventing a stroke maybe higher than that in the guidelines. The challenge for AHSNs was clear: