The dissertation also provides a software prototype to capture a company’s business model in an information system. And then test it, test it, test it! One will most likely talk about the product, notify it and think about how to get money out of it. In the past you had to write a business plan. In other words, the proposed artifact helps a firm to formally describe its value proposition, its customers, the relationship with them, the necessary intra- and inter-firm infrastructure and its profit model. Log into your account.

Very few people actually thought through their business model which had only very few entry barriers leaving them vulnerable to competitors. There are two things an entrepreneur has to do. Fascinating to see — whether it is the US, especially Silicon Valley, Europa or Asia — is that there is always a small group of people who perform better in certain things than others. To later understand how the business model of their clients work so they can explain to them how SAPs products can help them with their business model. Do you see a danger of engorgement or a second dot com bubble? The BMC is a tool which is supposed to help in situations like that.

And then test it, test it, test it!

alex osterwalder phd thesis

thesiz If it were too complicated, people would not use it any more. So my advice is quite simple: There is no best possible business model.

Today there are existing teams that think about business models, integrate and immediately check them on the market. Therefore I need another tool to model. That being said, I expect Apple to surprise us with a new business model: I can develop a smart business model, or a not so smart one. However, we have to draw a general difference between the Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.


The vision was to conceptualize computer-aided designs for business models, like an architect. Sooner or later there will be a tool that enables us to work on corporate culture, to draw an outline for it and to change it. The internet has given us countless opportunities to create value and the market is far from being satisfied. However, no single model has had the same reach as the Business Model Canvas. In other words, the Do you see a danger of engorgement or a second dot com bubble?

They are quickly content and think they know how the world works. For different processes different tools are needed. Previous models essentially take an organizational or process perspective or cover only parts of a firm’s business logic.

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Interview with Alexander Osterwalder- Business Model Canvas

Considering the question whether it is too simple: We see the Business Model Canvas as a tool, because it can be directly implemented in a meeting or a working session. When managing a big company, this business model does not only have to be built up, but also be managed. Please explain in osterwqlder sentences, what the Business Model Canvas is.


How can findings of the BMC be implemented afterwards? And if I can model it, can I even make it a computer-aided design? He was asking himself the question how a business model could be simplified to only one page.

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For years the internet has taken the center stage when it comes to new business ideas and startups. The goal of this dissertation is to find and provide the basis for a managerial tool that allows a firm to easily express its business logic.

alex osterwalder phd thesis

The other opportunity is, e. We all know these business plans are made up. Oterwalder benefit for these corporations clearly is that new ideas are less naively proceeded which therefore decreases the risk.

alex osterwalder phd thesis

Do the rules of Business Model Innovation also apply for online companies as they do for corporations in established industries? It needs a coherent language to approach the topic. It is very important to understand the difference between a framework concept and a tool.

A well-known adage by Albert Einstein says: For instance, launching a new idea or a startup like Strategyzer, I start with a model.