Just don’t forget to take them along to camp. In this instance, they begin to brainstorm ways for redeployment. Though, if you dont have that handy now, you can still make a move for it and it will be done. Just that it may have a delay effect on your allowance. There are lots of worries and questions always swimming the mind of outgoing corp members, especially when it’s like a month to t

Anonymous 17 June at Pls orientation camp is between 24 of Nov and 13th of Dec and my wedding falls within this period,will I be allowed to leave camp few days to my wedding? Hope no stress wit dat durin entry screenin? Thursday, 23 May at You need not wait to get your approval for relocation after 3 months as you can get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.

Anonymous 31 October at Here is a another sample of NYSC redeployment letter based on medical grounds. Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, and other Northern states in that region. It will be announced anyway.

Redeploy or Relocate? NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample

Here are three valid reasons for redeployment:. Recently got married to Mr. It is a formal letter and it has its own procedures.


Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Can I redeploy because am a caregiver to my aged grandparents and how fast is the relocation process after camp???! NYSC batch A date released. Usually this is written by a qualified doctor. But it will be a delay applicatkon never a whitdrawal.

Thursday, 23 May at So I want to cancel my relocation back to my usual state of deployment which is Delta state. Before you can be considered on marital ground, you must provide the following:.

application letter for nysc redeployment

Those vor on the basis of marital grounds would be expected to supply or attach the following:. It gives u better advantage for relocation. Anonymous 20 January at September 5, September 18, 0 comments. It can only be allowed in case of life threatning situation. We hope this will be of help to those youth corp members who desire to redeploy.

application letter for nysc redeployment

Try and visit this blog more often as we are sure of updating you with the latest tips and information about the NYSC programme. We applcation we have been able to provide the needed answers on this issue.


NYSC Redeployment Letter Format- Get Sample For Free!!!

As stated in …………. He will write a normal letter using the office letter headed paper from his office Y ou can also be considered for redeployment on medical grounds.

Ajayi Damilola 20 January at It will be announced anyway. Anonymous 16 November at Congratulations on your marriage. Just lay the complaints as instructed and give them time. That is right, you cannot just do it out of your own volition just because you do not like the state you have been deployed to. Let me ask you this, as a job applicant or M. The only requirement to apply for relocation in such case is filling the relocation form. Nevertheless, if you have valid grounds for your relocation, just use the guide we have provided you to get lettee.

Can I use my marriage certificate wit attestation of work of hubby alone? Ajayi Damilola 17 November at