It also contains information about your employer. The following documents must be submitted:. Now we will choose the fitting applications for the positions we got and invite you to the positions allocation evening. Individual requirements like languages and field of study are set by the employer. Also in the course of March there is a second round of applications. From these you can again choose your favorite 5.

February – Position allocation evening. There are still some spots that are leftover. If you hand it over in time, you’ll get your caution money back. From these you can choose your favorite 5. You will get an email containing all internship positions by Stuttgart about Detailed information can be found here. It also contains information about your employer.

Check for open positions. February – Position allocation evening. Missed the chance to apply?

Application – IAESTE Switzerland

Ideally, you should send an official English transcript from your university if this is not possible, create your own list. We will also inform you in detail about the next steps here. Also have a look in our FAQs first. About the letter of motivation: The first step is to create an account. The remaining questions can be clarified there. The applicatiion documents must be submitted:.


Application Process

Now the spots are distributed to each local committee at the national conference. If you have any relevant reference letters, language certificates or similar documents, include them into your application. At the national level Germany usually gets around internship spots. If you want to accept the position, you must now make a binding commitment and prepare your application documents. In case of a confirmation from your employer you now contact them and the local committee abroad, iaestr further clear any open questions: You can use this template.

application letter iaeste

If successful, a direct application for an internship spot. You will get your deposit back if you return it in time. April – Leftover spots.


March – Application and Second Round. From these you can again choose your favorite 5. An applicattion is done in two steps: For that we have our Outgoing workshop – a Saturday morning at the Uni to answer any questions you have. Various things have to be done before departure: There are still many remaining positions.

January – Positions are exchanged internationally. The application deadline is Enjoy your time abroad! Application with the employer The next step is to apply with the employer. Now we will choose the fitting applications for the positions we got and invite you to the positions allocation evening. Computer skills if possible, explain how you acquired these skills — and on which level you master them.


Please don’t forget to explain all your marks because for example a 5 is the best mark you can get in Russia. The German Local Groups usually get around internship positions combined.

Each LC tries to get the best spots for their applicants. The letter of motivation should express why you want to do an iaetse abroad and why you want to do it with IAESTE.

application letter iaeste

Employers are demanding and you should sit down and take some time to write and create a good application: Europass offers examples and a template for a standard European CV.