Have them highlight one passage that they think works particularly well. Ask students to compare the information and its presentation with how that information is presented on two sites about Hughes. Students can click on each image for a larger version and then click on “article” for an interview with the photographer. The essay, by Susan J. Essay on Women and Storytelling This is another good model of a literary essay written in the third person.

What’s a Photo Essay? Challenge students to find and read one other work by Savage. Ask students to think about what he says as they read or reread “My Old Newcastle. Eliot Essays This Web site features some of the essays of T. Anita Brookner A quotation from Brookner appears in a box on the third page of Woolf’s essay in Imprints One of the links from the “Walden” page is to an essay called “One Less Accountant.

Schenk, examines the poetry of Paulette Jiles. Ask students to consider the purpose of this site, and how that purpose hightlwer affected content. Bacon Essays Links to Sir Francis Bacon’s essays can be found on this site—funded, unfortunately, through various companies’ annoying pop-up ads.

Moodie Poems Five of Susanna Moodie’s poems are included on this Web site; they can be found by scrolling down the first page to “Moodie. Links from the site thesiis to the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

blue gold jim hightower thesis

Discuss the effectiveness of its suggestion. Woolf Work This Bartleby. Small groups can choose and discuss one photo. This Web site provides links to information about Thoreau’s life and works.


Blue Gold by Sarmad Cheema on Prezi

Ask students to consider the scope of his work and how he has influenced Canadian literature and other Canadian authors. It also gives some biographical information about the author.

blue gold jim hightower thesis

They should explain their choice of poem and music. Links can be found to other authors as well at the top of the page under Authors.

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Students might also discuss, or write about, any book that made a great change in their life. Discuss the article’s tone and bias, as well as the information it provides.

Memories of a Man Who Couldn’t Play. The site has a link to Kahlo’s self portraits. Ask students to use information on both sites to help them choose another personality of the time period that they wish to investigate.

The site includes links to an interview with the actress playing Frida. Ask students to choose one piece they think could be added to “Images from the Cultural Revolution.

Mount Schaffer This Web site documents the peaks of the Rockies, including their histories and climbing routes.

Anita Brookner A quotation from Brookner appears in a box on the third page of Woolf’s essay in Imprints Students can compare the excerpt with “Night Spirits,” discussing which approach they prefer.


blue gold jim hightower thesis

Discuss her writing style. Print out a copy for students, highlighting specific essay features that you wish them to include in their essays. Challenge students to research the current status of the highyower and write an article about how the situation has or has not improved.

Discuss what she has to say about her writing. The review highlights Durning’s environmental concerns. Annoying pop-up ads, however, do interfere with a focused search for knowledge.

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Scottsboro Trials This Web site on gild Scottsboro trials mentioned in the essay includes details about a documentary on the subject, a timeline, maps, and a teacher’s guide on how to use this site in the classroom. The text also provides interesting details about Kahlo’s life.

Challenge them to give a dramatic presentation of these poems, role-playing Hughes giving a public reading in the s or 40s. Discuss the use of gender-biased language in this and any other works.

Students can read the last paragraph and discuss the artist’s views on visual arts education. Eliot Essays This Web site features some of the essays of T.