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Here is some basic information to help clarify the differences in capacity: Its monuments, landscapes, historical buildings, food and fashion have made it a firm tourist favorite for years, but the economy is only just hitting its stride after years of austerity, and the tourist sector shows no sign of slowing down.

Secondly, you need to decide on the period of time you wish to rent for, and how large the property will be. Mediterraneum — The Aquarium of Rome.

Aprire un Bed and Breakfast – Agenzia italiana B&B, Affittacamere, Case Vacanza

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business plan affittacamere roma

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Vivi Rome Bed and Breakfast: Official Site – A new B&B located in central Rome

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Both City Hall and organizers planned a few benefits for those coming to enjoy this great sport event: Some Hints on Christmas Markets in Rome Rome is dressing up for Christmas, and between the last week of November and the first of December traditional stands and markets will be finally installed all around the city to delight both adults and kids alike.


business plan affittacamere roma

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Expo Milano is around the corner. Business Plan e piano economico-finanziario: Easter in Italy and in Rome Easter in Italy and in Rome During the Easter Holy week in Italy in every italian region exhibitions, local feasts, rites and processions are taking place in the streets where the penitents walk holding torches and praying.

How to start a Bed & Breakfast in Italy

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