Please list any dates during this period when you would be unable to attend an interview. You will then be asked to verify the details we hold for you. If it is your intention to do this please check the appropriate tick-box. What if I need to change information but have already submitted my SAQ? What to do when hiccups happen…. Have you heard from your college yet?

Please complete one row for each subject studied in each year. Added to cart View Cart. Topics Access to university. The Cambridge university website is very good on how to and how not to pick a college. If it is your intention to do this please check the appropriate tick-box. In addition some subjects eg Chemical Engineering, Management Studies and Manufacturing Engineering are only available as second or third year options.

Optional additional personal statement..

I mean, I want to be a surgeon and I’m an art lover – I can’t say at the present time that I love humanity, because that is all relative and I’d have know reason or evidence to optiojal me up – but I can say that if I eventually graduate and become a successful and accomplished surgeon my love for humanity will mature. Please indicate if you have applied for a Choral Perssonal.

The two examples below the first is for A Levels, and the second is for the International Baccalaureate give an indication of the level of detail that we are looking for in this question.

cambridge saq optional additional personal statement

In this email you will be given the web address of the online Supplementary Application Questionnaire, your personal login details and the date by which you must complete the SAQ. Please remember that your cambridgee to the University of Cambridge is only valid once you have successfully submitted your SAQ. If any of the details are incorrect you should notify UCAS as soon as possible.


Unanswered compulsory questions are highlighted by warnings to the right hand side of the page.

Please note that after submitting additiomal SAQ it is not possible to alter your answers! More information about the CSAS can be found at: Add this document to collection s. I applied to Gonville and Caius. Create your website at WordPress. The purpose of the SAQ is to ensure that we have complete and consistent information about all applicants.

SAQ – Cambridge University Students’ Union

Not all subjects have them and some are sat at interview while some are sat before – see the university website for details http: Contact Us About Us Blog. The SAQ is on online form, with 8 sections: The photograph is not part of the selection process. Please indicate if you have applied for an Organ Scholarship.

As such, you only need to include cambrdge covered up to December Hi, I was just wondering about the ‘Optional additional personal statement’ section on the Cambridge undergraduate application the blue form. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

For each unit you are currently studying towards, please provide details of the unit code and title only.

cambridge saq optional additional personal statement

We will send you a new temporary SAQ Password by email. Teachers have stopped writing anything interesting or controversial now that students can demand to see what they have written.


You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Aug 4, Messages: The Supplementary Application Questionnaire SAQ has been developed to ensure that we have complete and consistent opional about all applicants.

If you think you are likely to want to change to another subject in the second or third year, please indicate this here using the drop-down list. The most common format is 2 approximately 30 minute interviews although this can varythat are academic in nature. The compulsory questions that you have not yet answered will be highlighted on this page.

cambridge saq optional additional personal statement

More information about affiliated students can be found at: If you do not anticipate changing course at personzl stage please leave this field blank. If you are unable to provide a digital photograph you must complete and submit the Undergraduate Applicant Photograph Submission Form see: Please answer question advitional. In order to ensure that any additional reference arrives at the right place it should be addressed to the Admissions Office at the College concerned and should include the applicant’s full name, date of birth, course applied for and, if possible, UCAS Personal ID number.