Add and remove books from a shopping basket while browsing the categories. I again went and showed them the documents then they said they will look into the matter and said they were sorry. Currently, each JeanStation store has a store manager who leads the other staff of the store to perform the day-to-day operations. This course, I think, is not enough to get you an awesome job. Job application activities should be tracked across a user’s session. As a fresher, you wont get options.

In this phase, all orders will be processed at a centralized location and delivery arranged through the relevant store. My dads rupees have gone to waste and I was not able to do anything. Any student 7 days from the last appraisal date of last enrolled semester. As the software is required to assist the user for storing and retrieving personal information, it has been named as Personal Assistant. For that sake, cant we go directly and ask our center head what they have promised.

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The application should provide a consistent mechanism to enable customers to buy books online and administrators to manage book stocks online. Contents of DDNT in normal mode of delivery.

Festive discounts on online orders should be easily configured through an XML file.

capstone project niit

System should allow an authorized employer to perform the following activities:. The development team has, therefore, decided to develop a game called Shuffle.


Campus will be wi-fi enabled. The contact details include information, such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

Currently, the management wants that all orders should be processed at a centralized location and delivered through the relevant store. It is created just as show,nothing use of cappstone it.

System should allow an authorized jobseeker to perform the following activities:. They given a Brochure for PGP batch. It has been publishing books, articles, journals, novels, magazines, priject encyclopedias for the past fifteen years. Any student 7 days from the last appraisal date of last enrolled semester. To market their products, JeanStation uses the print and electronic media. He is the worst Fellow I never see in my life, He is a fatty and lazy guy.

Contents of DT3BS mentioned above and. System should allow an authenticated administrator to porject the following activities:.

Swaps 0 with the number above.

During the subsequent phases, each store will have its own custom interface through which it will be able to manage the orders specific to that store. Any one of the following.

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I started ptoject in instalments. Now we lost patience and Money finally stand on road without any JOB spending 1 lakh coming from distance villages. Book ordering activities niih be tracked across a user’s session through a shopping cart. A jobseeker can also visit a TopJobs office to niut about vacancies and submit the resume. The course looked good at start. In addition, most of the competitors of JeanStation have launched e-commerce solutions to make it convenient for customers to buy apparels without the need to visit a store.


The management of JeanStation, headed by their CEO has realized that in order to increase the presence of their brand, the current system needs to be updated to reach out to more customers irrespective of their geographical locations.

capstone project niit

The course at beginning was too slow. However, the current system of retail marketing has several limitations. Dear Student, Thank you for sharing your concern.

Design, layout, and navigation of the application should be uniform across all Web pages. The customer role should be applicable to any user accessing the application to order books online. Even they themselves dont consider them good cqpstone.

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The fees is high higher after GST. To provide the envisioned functionalities, the JeanStationOnline application should have the following features during the first phase:. Our friends have send many mails to customer care thinking that atleast they try to resolve the problem.

capstone project niit