If you will be doing Milestone 5 as a separate assignment, you may want to withhold this solution. System Constraint Internet application must have adequate security. Whether or not they identify the optional entities will depend on how they interpret the user requirements and on their experience level with database normalization. Work done to resolve a SeviceRequest. Three-ring binder is difficult to keep up-to-date because word processing documents cannot be updated in the field. In your class discussion you might point out that functional requirements show up in the context model, while generally non-functional requirements do not show up in the context model other than to specify the actors that can do send or receive certain information. The following diagram illustrates one possible solution.

This would also be a system-generated number. The sample RSS provided here represents a general description. Because this does not apply to all records, a formal relationship would not have to be established. Requirement The system should allow technicians to view and edit hardware component information in the field. Another alternative is to start with this data model for Milestone 5 but add additional requirements, such as the Milestone 4 Advanced Option and require that students revise the data model accordingly. In most activities explanations for why things were done as they were have been provided to aid in your understanding of the solution.

If you, the instructor, choose to do your own solution, it may be different, depending on your interpretation of the forms provided. Causes and Effects Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete.


case study ctts - milestone 09

The following tables contain the attributes identified from each form and the interview. As a number it would also consume less disk space as a foreign key in related tables and would provide for faster joins.

This diagram was created in Microsoft Visio.

case study ctts - milestone 09

Some may provide general descriptions of problems while others may go to the extra effort of giving concrete examples. However, some users have very specific ideas or expectations of what software and technologies will be used. Configuration information will be very flexible to handle all the kinds of information that needs to be tracked. There is more than one right answer in systems analysis. Also, make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems.

But make sure each non-key attribute exists in only one entity. Each EquipmentComponent is a particular ComponentType. Evaluate their thought processes. Family Vacation Rentals Machine Name i.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

Would you track accounts payable? The system must make it easy for technicians to update the component and ctfs information. Stress to the students that this matrix is a living document. The Equipment entity has EquipNum as the primary key. The following completed matrix is one possible solution.

A component anything from a stick of RAM to an entire turn-key system that is or has been installed in Equipment. The service request part of the system should have adequate security.


case study ctts - milestone 09

All of the cardinalities of the major entities can be determined from the interview or the forms. Scope Definition Solution Page: None of the forms hint at a ClientID. Each piece of Equipment is a particular EquipmentType.

There is also more than one wrong answer.

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Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete. The form that follows illustrates one possible solution. Internet application must have adequate security. The real problem with adding purchase orders to Studh is that it opens the door on accounting functions.

Some students may have given more specific descriptions such as those found in the first column of the problem statement matrix. Requirement The system should allow technicians to view and edit hardware component information in the field. The current system does not accurately track configuration information, leading to wasted time for technicians and clients. However, Jeff Summers states that the computer name is sometimes changed.

A numeric ClientID serves better.