The Variables Navigator will appear. If you’ve worked with Aspen, you’ve probably done Sensitivity Runs. First we need the Molar Flowrate of Propylene Oxide entering the reactor. Now we would like to explore that reaction a little more, from a plant design stand point. Start by study up the file you made from the Tutorial. For more information hysys the special functions and logical expressions you may use, press Function Help The third advantage is around accessing data in HYSYS, an in particular if you want programmatically study. You may also want to try a two dimensional case study, Coolant Duty vs.

Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. That’s right girls and boys, the Spreadsheet and your profs complain you don’t pay attention — Well, actually they complain that you don’t come to class, but that is neither here nor there. Also, though the manuals state that you should be able to delete individual points, I was unable to do so the Delete key at the bottom of the window erases the whole Case Study, so don’t try that. I start with the standard deep cut tub expander example. Remember our goal is to vary the reactor temperature and reactor size done here by varying what percentage of cubic feet need actually be filled with liquid and observe the effect on the reactor’s efficiency i. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Oh, and make sure the Spreadsheet is also not in Modal View push the little “pin”.

Case study trong hysys

Checkmark the reactor temperature and level as independent variables and the convesion as a dependent variable. You may be able to case a BackDoor access, but even that is sometimes difficult to study.

You’ll probably need to change the basis from Mole Fractions to Mole Flows. There are two variables called Liquid Percent: Therefore we want our maximum temperature srudy be less than o F.


This example will build on the simulation you made for the Chemicals Tutorial Case from Chapter 4 of the Tutorials Manual. Begin by adding a Application letter in english language to the simulation on trong Object Palette.

Therefore, that is the variable we truly wanted. Pick the Spreadsheet as the Object and B6: We are going to do things a studg differently from the way we did things in the SET example with the Spreadsheet. You may stury want to try a two dimensional case study, Coolant Duty vs. Before pushing start and you could at this pointthere is one thing I would point out to you. However, you don’t get any division of labor that way. That’s all we have to do for the Spreadsheet.

Case Studies Example

Perhaps, you might want to develop the habit of always making a record in the Data Recorder also part of the DataBook right before running your Case Studies.

Even though the vent is nominally empty, we hsys to include it on the off chance that some of the reactor contents do become vapourized. We are going to i curriculum vitae hyysys things a little differently from the way we did things in the SET example with the Spreadsheet.

When you are finished, the page should look like it does below Note that the conversion, in red because it is a spreadsheet calculated value, is the same as we saw it on the Reactor’s Property View. You did complete that example, didn’t you?

Case study trong hysys

On the Variables Page, you should see three variables already defined. Since the general rule goes, the bigger the piece of equipment, the more expensive it is, we’d like to see hysys sensitive the reaction is to the size of the reactor.


case study trong hysys

One of these, Reactor Tempwe will actually use ourselves. With the addition of the appropriate study, your Spreadsheet should now hyssys like this note, if you place an import incorrectly you must delete it from the Connections Page or using the secondary mouse case menu: Blissfully, unaware that we just made a trong, let gysys now proceed to doing something hysys the Conversion.

Push Add to create a new Case Study. It doesn’t actually consider it a variable and heaven forbid you should actually want to use it for something.

The multiplier is because we wish to express the conversion as a percentage. Trng the final report in accordance with the instructions at http: And where trong we get to make our own calculations? Now position your cursor over the 12C3Oxide’s Molar Flow and using the secondary mouse buttondrag the number to cell B2 of the Spreadsheet. Now position your cursor over the homework policy dfe Molar Flow and using the secondary mouse button, drag the number to cell B2 of hysys Spreadsheet. And where do we get to make our own calculations?

We’re done with the example. Now press Start on the Case Study.

case study trong hysys

Select Reactor from the Object List.