Designed for health conscious adults and diabetics, the variant targeted people above the age of 35 years. Horlicks oats claim better traction. This makes one critical of some of its actions that have not been thought through. Brands and products tend to age over the years if not nurtured properly. For example, it has communicated Foodles as a healthy option despite a common perception of it being an unhealthy category.

Meanwhile, several of Horlicks extensions like NutriBar, Chill Dood and flavoured milk have been wound down. You must be logged in to post a comment. Watch the campaign on YouTube at http: Horlicks was a family drink until then, the great “family nourisher”. In fact, one also sees a juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous. GSKCH thinks successes far outnumber failures. So, stretching the Horlicks brand may not be easy.

For the first time, the brand tried to communicate with children, not just their mothers.

You can eat it too and in many forms. Overextension of the brand – with Noodles and Cereal Bars – into completely unrelated categories has made it pay, both in terms of wasted effort and long-term dilution of the mother brand.

It lays claim to more than half the white-malted beverages market.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

By then, the company had speeded up its brand variant launches with Horlicks Lite inaimed at diabetics and Horlicks NutriBar in this launch did not work as planned. Our experience in science based nutritional products along with the Horlicks equity has helped create Cohsumer as a differentiated offering in the instant noodles category. Results for have not been announced yet. Horlicks was locally manufactured in India only sincethough it had been available via imports since the early s.


Product innovation, he maintains, is likely to remain a priority. Therefore, increasing market share substantially might be difficult.

Strong, Stronger, Strongest

This was the tipping point. See Healthy As Ever. Conventional management wisdom will tell you to extract as much as you can from a brand and its variants but to derisk the owner from overdependence on the brand. Earlier, while the product was targeted to kids, communication for the same was targeted at mothers.

Next to hit the market was Junior Horlickstargeted at toddlers; and Junior Horlickstargeted at pre-school children. The company now had a new managing director in Zubair Ahmed in How Chennai solved its water problem. Wednesday, 22 May You are here: It was inwhen Horlicks, the health drink, decided to undergo a revamp and increase its relevance to consumers by introducing flavours like Vanilla, Elaichi and Chocolate.

There was someone else too, pushing for this change. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Horlicks: Making of a mega brand | PitchOnnet

The launch of Chill Dood, its flavoured milk range, did not take off. Latest extensions like Horlicks ProMind and Horlicks Gold are yet to establish themselves conclusively, though they have shown promising offtake in their test markets in the south.

Making of a mega wo,ens. The communication for Horlicks too has undergone a sea change in the last seven-eight years. The yearwas a watershed year for Horlicks when it decided to challenge the notion of the consumers that snacking and having noodles is unhealthy.

Brand Horlicks Case Study and Strategies

However, in segments like noodles and snacking where taste is supreme, they will find it difficult to compete with the likes of Nestle and ITC,” says Alagh, the marketing consultant and former managing director of biscuit maker Britannia Industries.


By broadening the Horlicks portfolio to Oats, GSKCH aims to spread the goodness of healthy living and complete the consumer food table by adding yet another wholesome option to horlicls menu.

Therein lies the challenge. All branding and communication spoke to different family members and how it meant different things to different people, cawe the new campaign spoke to children directly.

But the effect has been that Horlicks Lite combined with Women’s Horlicks ensured that the company clocked growth of more than 17 per cent in revenues until This has been seen in strong brands such as Colgate, Nirma, Ponds and Lifebuoy. According to the Ace Equity database, Horlicks and its brand variants have helped the company accelerate its revenues and profits in the last five years till December to But Horlicks has been steadily introducing line and brand extensions to keep itself relevant.

By successfully launching variants at womena points in time, it has strengthened its core brand values, apart from addressing new gk needs and thus bringing such consumers into its fold. In the final analysis, GSKCH is a very successful company and Horlicks is one of the strongest brands in the food and beverage business.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer