Identifying such limitations does not imply a shortcoming of your work, but rather, suggests a realistic appraisal of the boundaries of any single, timelimited research endeavor. Department of Psychology The University of West Florida The critical reader of a research report expects the writer to More information. Sample Biographical Statement Appendix O: How many references should it have? The dissertation meaningfully contributes to the field of psychology. While much of the content of any field can be taught in traditional classes, there is always some art to any discipline.

Students are to fill out the area course check-list More information. Essays from now or never chapter illustration: Approval of Thesis Appendix K: Here are four common characteristics. Your committee will sign an Approval of Thesis Form Appendix J which will be turned in with your copies. They will be looking for evidence that you a understand what you did and why, b can think about your project from a scientific perspective, and c can describe what you did to others p. Whenever possible, the student’s graduate advisor will serve as the thesis advisor.

A Senior thesis is an original research project that can be done by students in psychology. What constitutes research methodology varies widely across fields. A major purpose of this section of the proposal is to force you to think through your study; the feedback you receive from your committee regarding your methods will make your thesis more focused and, ultimately, make the time you invest in it more productive.

Students electing to write a thesis, in accordance with department or program policy, will select or be assigned a faculty thesis advisor. Reading and research in an approved topic under the guidance of a faculty member in the Communication department. In a separate folder, three copies of the abstract, each with its own cover page. YOU provide the structure.

Graduate Student Research

Once you have chosen a committee, you will be talking with the members as graduwte refine your interest area into a specific thesis topic and develop specific hypotheses or research questions. Theses that are numbered from 1, onward include their abstracts, which will help you then locate examples of full theses in the Reserve Room that approximate your area of interest.


It would greatly aid graduate education if as many of these were made available, either through Interlibrary Loan or accessible full-text through the University Internet Servers. Do not handbok it alone. One characteristic of good graduate education is the opportunity for faculty and students to work together in a close relationship characterized as mentoring.

Working on a thesis under the tutelage of faculty provides an opportunity for learning that is not always found in other graduate school activities.

In cases where research is being performed at another institution involving human or animal subjects, approval must be obtained from appropriate review committees at that institution.

Various academic departments have identified examples of good Master’s theses written by Central Connecticut graduate students in Chapter 4, Table What follows are a. If all requirements are met including a tyesis submitted by your thesis advisor for the thesis your name will be added to the list of graduates.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

For a more detailed discussion of the oral defense, see Cone and FosterChapter Chapter 1 defines what a thesis is, while Chapter 2 provides an overview of the thesis process-the steps one must take from the initial conceptualization of a possible thesis idea to the finished project. What, for example, one might describe the flexibility of infants intersensory functioning continue to rely on nativist conceptions about the how of outcomes, given the greater the percentage of higher psychological processes: Research is defined by the Uniform Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects as a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalized knowledge.


Students are to fill out the area course check-list.

It is of critical importance that you identify the nature of the review mechanism, collect or prepare the documents you will need to submit, and allow sufficient time for review. For more discussion of the preparation of a proposal, see Cone and Foster ; Krathwohl, Appendix N provides an example. MyCatalog Add this page Print this page.

While many students think of the csu as a hurdle one must negotiate before getting to the real work, in fact, a well- crafted proposal represents significant progress toward the end product. It is in your best interest to connect with theais least ccsi faculty member in your program who shares an interest in your proposed topic and who has expertise in this area.

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Program Revised February 19, The M. The specific procedures are explained below. Keeping good notes on the material you read including all information needed for a proper bibliographic citation in the thesis style utilized in your department will help you when you write your thesis proposal.

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The chairperson of your committee must be a full-time member of the Department in which you are earning your degree. Your thesis advisor also may have access to research funds to help defray your costs. Paper Quality Use 20 lb.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

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