For mixed assessment, please see exam policies which are also applicable. You will be notified by email when your result is available to view in the Bookings and Results section of your MyCII page, follow the link in the email and log in to view your result. The following are acceptable as identification:. Any application for a reasonable adjustment should preferably accompany your coursework entry. By using and browsing the CII website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. If you have completed a qualification, the application forms to apply for the appropriate designation will accompany the completion certificate which will be sent directly to you within 15 working days of the release of your confirmed result.

If you do not wish any information to be passed on to these organisations please contact Customer Service. Legislation Candidates should refer to the syllabus and CII update website www. Applications without verifiable, appropriate evidence such as an appropriate diagnostic report will not be considered. The CII has procedures in place for monitoring, evaluating and reporting annually on the operation of its enquiry services and appeals arrangements, including the number and nature of enquiries and appeals and their outcomes. The CII aim to provide the outcome within 35 days of receipt of the request. They will include wording that shows they are a replacement. Provisions are made for candidates who have different educational requirements or disabilities including, but not restricted to, those who are dyslexic, blind, partially sighted or those with dexterity impediments.

The CII share relevant data with the regulatory authorities on request.

Coursework policies

Post-results review of marking The service is only available to candidates whose result is a fail in any assignment. As a result, there will be a transfer of your personal data to the USA. Syllabuses Please note assignments are based on the dadlines syllabuses; you can find syllabuses in the relevant qualification section on this website. Publication of results The CII reserves the right to publish coursework assessment results, deadlinee a pass or failure.


Coursework policies

If you do not wish any information to be passed on to these organisations please contact Customer Service. You must show proof of identity to the CII on request. Your coursework assignments along with your name and email address will be passed to a 3rd party plagiarism detection software provider based in the USA.

cii coursework deadlines

Assignment results are issued within 40 working days of submission. The following are acceptable as identification:. The following are acceptable as identification: If you have a disability or a condition which you believe should be taken into consideration in assessing your coursework performance, you should apply in writing, enclosing evidence from a professional, such as a Chartered Educational or Occupational Psychologist, an Associate Member coureswork the BDA or specialist trained teacher holding Approved Teacher Status accredited by the BDA or a doctor demonstrating appropriate specialist qualifications, confirming your condition, explaining how your performance could be affected and what steps can be taken to ensure you are able to perform to your full potential.

The principal grounds for appeal are: Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of CII: Appellants are required to advise the CII if they wish to progress to Stage 2 of the appeals process within 28 days of receiving the outcome of Stage 1.

The grounds for appeal must be related to the CII’s procedures or their application.

cii coursework deadlines

Marks are not withheld for bad spelling, coursewrk poor grammar could influence the mark allocated to application and analysis of information. Just a few examples of ways in which we have been able to assist candidates is shown below: The rules contained within the Coursework assessment guidelines and instructions must be adhered to.

cii coursework deadlines

The Appeals Panel will consist of: Candidates should refer to the CII update website www. Irregularities in the conduct of an exam; Errors, omissions or failure to follow due process in the procedures for question setting, marking and result moderation of assessments; Extenuating circumstances that were not revealed for valid reasons prior to receipt of the result notification.


All routes for enquiries are exhausted when the CII Director or Manager notifies you that this point has been reached in your enquiry. The CII reserves the right to notify the relevant regulatory body of any disciplinary action taken.

Claims of being unaware of, or not understanding the assessment rules and courwework. Making an appeal Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of the CII confirming that all other routes of enquiry have been exhausted.

Please note assignments are based on the published syllabuses; you can find syllabuses in the relevant qualification section on this website.

Candidates must complete and pass three written assignments, including any resubmissions, during the 12 month enrolment period to achieve a pass in the unit. The CII will send a written account of the outcome. Circumstances not accepted as grounds for an appeal The following are not grounds for appeal: Requests made without the appropriate verifiable evidence will not be considered.

Candidates should refer to the syllabus and CII update website www.

Penalties may be imposed for falsification of documents or cheating during a coursework assignment. Please contact Customer Service for full details.

If you do not consent, you are always free to disable cookies if your browser permits, although doing so may interfere with your use of some of our sites or services. In all the processes described above, where deadlines have passed, exceptional circumstances may still be considered.

If you have booked a re-sit for the same unit and the review results in a pass, the entry fee for this unit will be refunded.