We will explore the importance of spiritual friendship on the Path, and how Insight Dialogue practice supports our capacity for nourishing spiritual friendship in our lives. While his visit to New Hampshire will likely draw a significant crowd, our dear friend Delia K. Loving-kindness is a natural foundation for happiness and well-being which is not reliant on external factors. How do we move more skillfully through the world, in our relationships, at work, in our decision-making throughout the day? In reality, we do not awaken outside of our difficulties, or in spite of them.

Give your heart a much-needed opportunity to connect to the truest experience of love in your daily life. Desire is that you and partner can support one another to stay present. For more information, including schedule details, please visit http: Dispel cultural and emotional habits that are obstacles to connection. IMS in Barre has just published its retreat schedule and registration is now open. The Tuesday evening meditation group is scheduled to meet as usual from 7:

Recovering from the effects of racism is key to our individual and collective freedom.

CIMC and IMCN are both on hiatus for another week or so, but the new year is a great time cijc consider treating yourself to a longer retreat. When we give the ego free reign, we suffer; but when it learns to let go, we are free. This day will include meditation instruction, alternating periods guided sitting and walking meditation, and time for question and group reflection.

For additional details please visit http: Looking ahead to the following weekend, on Saturday, December 8, old friend Doreen Schweizer will be cijc St.


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In Cambridge, Chris Germer will offer a special day-long Turning towards the inevitability of change and loss — rather than denying them or turning away — helps us to more fully appreciate the beauty and preciousness of a life inspired and guided by Dharma practice. April 12 — May All are welcome regardless of For more details, please visit yomework How is one to live, with oneself and the complex of interactive relationships that make up our life.

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This harshness will not solve the problem at hand. This half-day retreat will explore the highest ideal of Buddhist teachings — freedom from suffering — through mindfulness meditation and an emphasis on ease and self-acceptance.

IMCN is collaborating with Against the Stream Boston to offer their 3rd annual 7-night metta meditation residential retreat starting this Wednesday, May 30, and concluding on Wednesday, June 6.

cimc cambridge homework

Our friends at Valley Insight Meditation will be offer a special day-long 9am to 4pm retreat with Ajahn Jayanto on Saturday, September 9. Our Place Day Care 0 votes; 0. Despite our endless efforts, we find no true, lasting happiness….

White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

We will investigate common misunderstandings about compassion and enjoy the power and connection that true compassion embodies. There will be quiet sitting and walking periods 30 minutes and 20 minutes as well as discussion periods.

cimc cambridge homework

Cambriidge, I want to share a short Tricycle article by Allen Weiss on investigation as a factor of awakening:. Due to the likelihood of limited parking at First Parish, please consider using the alternate lot behind 10 North Road.

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Page Transparency Kuva rohkem. Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon from 1: What does it actually mean though? Sincetens of thousands have participated in this challenge from around the globe, fostering an inspiring community dedicated to finding deeper happiness and peace of mind. He ordained as a monk in and practiced in monasteries in Thailand and England before moving back to the US in to serve as abbot of Temple Forest Cambrjdge.


White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop () | White Awake

Event sponsor Wisdom Publications has made the audio from that conversation available online, and Cambridhe encourage you to give it a listen 50 min. What would your practice look like if you knew you could only find liberation of the mind within the naturally arising causes and conditions of an ordinary life?

Doreen will continue her teaching activity in the cinc year following a month-long personal retreat at the Forest Refuge. In this evening community event Matthew will share slides of his journeys into Indian and Burmese culture and spirituality, as well as sharing in each others company over a potluck dinner.

This book is a practice guide supplemented with many exercises to encourage the full realization of the subject. To register, visit https: This awareness helps us take things less personally. The retreat will conclude with the opportunity for questions and discussion of our experience.