Comprises primary and secondary sources in the dissertation area Is broad enough to cover three approaches. We make our admission and funding decisions based on a complex calculus, weighing individual applicants’ promise heavily while considering which of many highly qualified candidates will make up the best class as a group, spreading the potential advising load among our faculty members, and your potential dissertation project’s fit with our strengths. This page is very detailed, but you should read it in its entirety if you are serious about applying to Columbia’s graduate program in ethnomusicology. Distinguished Fellowships A student who will have exhausted her eligibility for a regular assistantship or teaching fellowship one year on the M. The Ethnomusicology Area Committee, made up of all faculty members currently teaching in the Ethnomusicology area, reserves the right to assess and determine academic progress and standing for all students in the program, except where such matters are rightfully overseen by the Department, the Graduate School, or the University. We are proud of the diversity of our student body, reflecting a commitment that extends back to the origins of our program, which has a proud record of producing minority and women PhD graduates.

Introduction to Music course, I led this weekly writing-intensive supplement, developing novel writing prompts and leading students through highly-structured semester-long processes of workshopping, editing, self-assessment and peer review. Students expecting a fall defense date should aim to submit a draft of the dissertation before the start of the fall semester, to allow time for revisions. We are more likely to consider seriously candidates who can articulate a specific case for approaching Jazz through ethnomusicology or ethnomusicology through Jazz! We review these decisions collectively, but we do not deliberate on them as a common process prior to the last phase of the admissions process. The hypothesis guiding this dissertation is that tribute events–despite, or perhaps because of, their seeming marginality–reveal much about how consumers actively produce meaning out of music recordings and discourses. Tribute events are further instructive in their encapsulation of interactions that are usually too diffuse to be observed directly–between local and transnational, live and mediated, consumption and production, and between self-identity and identification with the Other. It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list committee will be involved for the duration of the project.

We seek to create a sense of community identity in our program, and we invest in that effort heavily.


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Historically, we have never been a performance-centered program in the sense of offering degree credit for playing in ensembles or taking lessons in non-Western music. Below that, our program’s key policies are summarized. In an increasingly interdisciplinary gsaas universe, we believe students who train in ethnomusicology can and should! Managed and oversaw social media branding, outreach, and publicity for the conference at Columbia University December, including the development of Facebook, Twitter, and other web-based media strategies, and outreach strategies to various print and online outlets.

And of course many of our students work directly with historians of music and bsas on their committees or as instructors in courses.

Columbia university gsas dissertation office

Yes, we do want a sense of you as a person, of course. Landies In the southeastern Dominican Republic, a festive, carnavalesque Easter procession featuring music, dance and ritual is widely performed by small local troupes of mostly poor rural workers and working class residents of local mill towns.

So what exactly IS your curriculum? Is a small program like yours right for me? Our primary goal as a program is to see you employed in the profession if you so desire.

They are, however, skills that can be acquired with an extra-curricular effort if they are not fully developed at the point a student applies to our program. What is the relationship between the MA and the PhD components of your program?

Degrees are granted in February, May, and August. The FPS provides a forum for social and academic community among students, and a link to the faculty, acting as a liaison especially to the Department Chair and the Director dissertztion Graduate Studies.

In part, I show how these differences are rooted in modernist critiques of “emotion” and an attempt to emphasize a more “rationalist” approach. Does it make a significant contribution to dsisertation philosophical scholarship?

We have always had a significant number of international students in our program, and many of those students have gone on to distinguished careers in the United States and in their native countries.

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In addition, the proposal should include dissertatoin bibliography of appropriate primary and secondary sources this need not be formal, and can include simply authors and titles.

It’s a shame to waste the time filling in the basic facts about your experience. Discussing a possible topic with dissegtation faculty member does not commit either party to a mentoring relationship. The majority of my fieldwork was carried out in the nightclubs and neighborhoods in Dakar, the capital city.


The departmental lecture series exposes students to outstanding scholars from all over the world, and together with Fordham’s distinguished School of Law the department sponsors a Natural Law Colloquium. A list columbiia “manageable” insofar as it limits itself to the most important representatives of the alternative positions within the area.

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Each year, the DGS will inform students of the deadline and procedures for applying for the distinguished fellowships. Our record of placement reflects that focus. A central question for this research is how these expressive domains construct a sense of spirituality that not dissertationn mediates the experiences derense worship and an understanding of “God’s message,” but also informs the discourses of generation, gender, and both spiritual and ethnic identity.

Students register and receive credit at their home institution, and the home institution covers tuition costs.

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Normally, but not necessarily, those who served on the proposal committee will be on the defense committee as well. We consider performance, often, to be an inherent and important aspect of ethnomusicological research and scholarship and several of our faculty members have written extensively about their own professional practice as performersbut we have a broad conception of what the value of developing and maintaining performance skills might be to any given project or any particular student.

The early admission M.

Having found a faculty member who agrees to serve as mentor for the reading list and its exam, students should, in consultation with the mentor, find two further faculty members who agree to serve on that committee. There is no “best candidate.

columbia gsas dissertation defense

The student must receive a grade of at least Pass from both readers. Students preparing for the qualifying exam without having taken PHIL should become familiar with the following formal logical theories:.

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Following a theorization of identity and identification, a series of four case studies look at how tribute participants identify with their musical idols as a way of negotiating aspects of their own identities.