In the variation application form, use the full German name of the medicinal product as it is authorised, and indicate the German marketing authorisation holder as well as the Germanmarketing authorisation number. Study synopses can be provided either as copies in 2. We urge you to send separate letters for different subjects, in other words only one letter per case. This not only applies to new applications, but also to correspondence rounds, variations, PSURs, etc. You must be logged in to post a comment.

For type IA variations that affect the product information, only changes resulting from the variation applied for will be considered. Organization of Clinical Studies. The NeeS guidance document included a link to a cover letter template, but this link which was on http: Use of Response Documents section. If case report forms and individual patient data listings are submitted, they should be placed in the same order as the clinical study reports appearing in m and should be indexed by study. This will ensure you are not charged a periodic fee for the period 1 April to 31 March

The guidance sates that granular reports created for the US can be submitted without re-organization in Europe. To help us improve GOV. Please note that review articles, core data sheets and extracts from texts books are not considered detailed enough for the scientific assessment.

Follow Synchrogenix on Twitter My Tweets. This will ensure you are not charged a periodic fee for the period 1 April to 31 March If responses to more than one question are submitted in a single file then you should use bookmarks within the PDF file to clearly identify each response. Additional Guidance on Product Names. Belongs to Marketing authorisation coover medicines for human use. The amended German texts are not needed before the national phase is started.


In these cases, the variation procedure number needs to be obtained from the Reference Authority.

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In all other cases, we ask the applicant to await the approval letter with updated product information prior to the amendment in cmrh is implemented in the product information.

Accessibility Sitemap Contact us Svenska. It is recommended that the background documents petter submitted also in an electronic format to allow an expedite process. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. For information regarding variations for centralised marketing authorisations, see “European Medicines Agency EMA ” in the right margin.

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If Type IA or IB lerter include alterations of the German texts, submit highlighted and clean versions along with the initial application; this applies to electronic submissions ltter well see the AMG -Submission Ordinance. To cancel a marketing authorisation for a medicine or a traditional herbal remedy so it can be removed from the market, you need to:. The MAH should then at the next printing update their package leaflet with this date in accordance with the approved version published on the MPA website.

SmPC in Word format with changes cver using the function “track changes”. Type II extended e. In the national procedure, the procedure is re-started upon receipt of leetter response. The cover letter should include the e-mail address of the person in charge.


Prior to start of variation procedures, there is a mandatory auto validation period 7 calendar days for type IB, and 14 calendar days for type II. Published 18 December Last updated 2 October — see all updates.

Worksharing procedures have to be applied for at the CMD h.

The guidance also states that the cover letter should mention if the product information is being provided as PIM data. It is identical to the guidance given for NeeS. PSURs which relate to different active substances are each to be accompanied by a separate letter. Two Commission guidelines have been issued in connection with the a. It should be clearly stated in the cover letter, which changes have already been implemented in the product information and the date it occurred.

Sequences numbers should normally follow the order of submission but EMEA and most NCAs are able to accept and view sequences submitted out of numerical order. Quality, Non-clinical and Clinical.

Draft EU eCTD Guidance Covers Cover Letter, Sequence Numbers

Please refer to the CMDh website for a template of the cover letter. For further information regarding fees, see “Fees” in the left margin.

cover letter cmdh

If anyone knows the location of the cover letter template for NeeS or eCTD please post a response on the blog!