I actually havent had tasks on Saturday or Sunday for a while. Other red flag for me was: Then I filled out a million forms and it was done. Interview It took bout 2 weeks from the process applying the jog and getting hired. Application I applied through a recruiter. Even if you don’t have a degree or experience, apply anyway. It was by luck.

Hopefully after New Year it is going to be back to normal. Planning ahead to increase efficiency in workflow. Hopefully everyone else will be able to get back to work soon! You also can gain some positive zerochaos in a dynamic forex dersi modern environment. I was with Appen Hill and hated it. Upheld confidentiality of all information, including identity as a rent surveyor. Hi Kenya , I saw your comment and was wondering if you still work for Zerochaos?

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Interview I was notified by email and talked with a person just once. Tasks are available again for me! They are extremely unresponsive, and although the pay is great, the amount of insecurity, lack of support or correspondence is zerchaos worth it. I rate mostly in French almost never in English to be honest and I do not think I struggled as much as you did to get tasks. Same for me… up until this point, I have been averaging hours per week.


This is far dover the only online opportunity. For that period your work performance will be monitored constantly, and if they are not satisfied, they can end the work any time they want without a notice. Join the Workforce Logiq team. Kenya — how long after completing enrollment documents did you get your civer date?

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Did you just keep on sending your resume to them? What do you think about work-at-home ads quality rater jobs?

View All num of num Close Esc. Also, my experience did not reflect the qualifications for this position and was still hired.

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But it makes the lack of tasks even more disheartening. Interview I applied for the job online, sent in a resume, and then within a few weeks I was contacted via email and told they wanted to hire me. I lteter my 10 by Friday and nothing so far this weekend. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience with this company.

Happy New Year everyone! We only do the right thing and never the easy thing. Does that zerlchaos my application is rejected?

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The task shortages seems to only be getting worse. The process took 3 weeks.

If your application is approved, work will start working for ZeroChaos as an home. I served out my entire first year, went well, reviews were always positive, things were great.


But it sure does stink. Are you still having technical issues with the rating system?

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He has deep experience as a business analyst and administrator of CRM systems supporting requirements and driving enhancement roadmaps for both sales and service stakeholders.

However, going off of the trend that has been happening the past two weeks, usually Wednesday is when it is almost impossible to get tasks and then Thursday-Sunday you get absolutely zero tasks.

I just hope it picks up soon and I am not let go of after only two weeks. I ran out last night around Do dor all rate only in English?

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I agree sending no task forms is a waste of time, now that I know coover. The URL is http: I then had to fill out some online documentation, and then had to go to a location to have my identification reviewed and confirmed. Published author of 1st novel in a series.