For inquiries related to electronic format, please contact Health Canada using the following e-mail address: According to recent reports believe that they do not have the required understanding of new legislation in-house. Project Manager – Sr. Most significant regulatory change in Europe in over 20 years! This project offers the authorities the opportunity to use the assessment capacity more efficiently by having the assessments carried out primarily by one country and then sharing the resulting data and recommendations. Report a problem or mistake on this page. PDF versions of documents should be generated from electronic source documents and not from scanned material, except where access to the source electronic file is unavailable or where a signature is required.

April 9, Our file number: AstraCon recruits specialists in quality management and regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical, the IVD, and the MedTech industry. Information is outdated or wrong. NSF International hosted an industry forum in the UK on November 30, , to explore the likely impact of the changes on company planning, finance and human resources, particularly in the areas of quality assurance, regulatory and manufacturing functions. A link, button or video is not working.

What main points need to be considered? Documents of ten pages or more should be bookmarked.

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Please select all that apply: Potential reasons for notification include, but are not limited to, a significant change in the frequency or severity of a known risk or the identification of a previously unknown risk. Ensure that procedures are psru place to keep series production in conformity with the EU MDR requirements.

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The Department is moving towards implementation in Canada in order to align with international best practices and reduce the burden osur industry by allowing them to submit either a Periodic Safety Update Report PSUR or a PBRER to satisfy the applicable regulatory requirements in Canada.


The notification should include a cover letter indicating that the information is being sent pursuant to the notification requirements detailed in C. The following stricter requirements need to be implemented by the end of the transition period in May, in order to market your medical devices futher on: Media should not be password psuur.

All media should be labelled.

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In accordance with the Food and Drug Regulations, in preparing the annual summary report, ldtter the MAH concludes that there has been a significant change psug what is known about the risks and benefits of the health product, the MAH must notify Health Canada in writing without delay see Health Canada contact information provided in Appendix A.

As a reminder, the PSUR is not the appropriate procedure for submitting final or interim study reports to the EU regulatory authorities.

It is important that PDF files be properly bookmarked. The MDR introduces a new classification rule Other issue not in this list.

In addition, Section C. Belongs to Veterinary medicines. My Service Canada Account. This makes coveg possible for you, as the marketing authorisation holder, to follow the same PSUR submission procedure in all the countries of Europe. The following are recommended as good bookmarking practices:.

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Medical and in vitro diagnostic device manufacturers in the EU are likely aware of big changes in motion. This graphic shows why… So there it is.

The annual summary report shall contain a concise, critical analysis of the adverse drug reactions and serious adverse drug reactions to the drug. Too many levels of bookmarks are inefficient; in most instances, four levels of bookmarks should be sufficient: These documents explain how to submit a PSUR.


The following are recommended as good bookmarking practices: According to recent reports believe that they do not have the required understanding of new legislation in-house.

As the MDR gives particular attention to risk management, we have asked our Medical Device experts to look closely at the new requirements in this field. The repository will act as the single point for all submissions including responses and supplementary information.

Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

We offer a helping hand to support our clients with these time consuming tasks and provide support with the compilation of the documentation necessary.

Clinical evaluation and market observation according to MDR.

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EU MDR is comprehensive lftter complex. These documents are regularly updated. With a variety of new requirements detailed in EU MDR, integrating the clinical, regulatory, and post-market documentation is a difficult and confusing task for both small and large organizations.

Psuur a marketing authorisation holder you are requested to consult these documents. The new MDR is intended to provide greater scrutiny of medical devices at all stages of the product lifecycle and has implications for all parts of the medical device industry.