Do you resend the resume and explain your mistake, What would you have advised her to do? That seems fair to me as I avidly proofread this post I received an email from a hiring manager saying he would like to chat with me in person or on the phone. So it’s really important to know what not to do.

Just curious — did you get the job?? Lynda August 28, at But I was hasty in submitting, and there were yikes! Formatting was correct and no typos. I hope Heather’s friend got that second chance! This blog post really grabbed my attention. I really want to send an apology.

By resending the cover letter, you risk losing the opportunity to interview for the job.

You’ve discovered a typo in your cover letter; now what do you do? | E-WRITE

Check out some helpful resources, such as this one and this one. Please, refer to this version when you review my qualifications for the job. Do I just type my apology some lines above the updated cover letter or attached the edited version as an attachment? If you have simply made an error on spelling or grammar — or even the date, do not resend the cover letter. Thanks alot for this interesting article.


What do I do? Thank you for any advice you may provide Leslie! How do I explain this, besides the truth, which is I have been unemployed and jaded rwsend job applications and after about the thousandth cover letter your eyes get a little tired The only HR person I would ever trust told me she first looks at resumes.

I inadvertently took off the “Mc” that precedes his name, he having scottish origins. The phone interview went well and I seemed to connect with the hiring manager.

To deflect the attention from your errors even further, you can also enhance the updated version with a couple of reworded or added bullet points that relate to the position. I don’t bother with them anymore Reply.

I made a mistake when I was writing my cover letter – should I resend it?

I must specify, I am not a native language speaker! My friend’s mother in law caught the error when I forwarded her the application after having sent it. How should I approach a careless error in a submitted If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Or did you just resend it?

My feeling is that, in any case, this would be regarded as a responsible, if clumsy, move, and maybe give me a second chance in case my application had been rejected. I took the advice and sent an email apologizing and acknowledging the typo.


I never heard back from him. I think the people who say I take typos “very seriously” because it is an indication of how seriously a candidate will take the job are ab bit overreaching.

cover letter typo resend

Please let me now instead of please let me know. James Grossman May 1, at Hi – thanks for your comment.

Here is an updated copy of the resume I sent you last [day of the week], expressing my interest in [job title]. It was an online application, but I was no longer able rfsend edit it with a new CL.

cover letter typo resend

We have resent the email to. I wrote “may” instead of “many” and “on” instead of “of”. None of my other emails sent had this issue. I always double-check my letters before sending. In a panic I googled “apology for typo” and found this blog.

cover letter typo resend

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