The insight we have obtained throughout this module has made us appreciate the design criteria of key components. Demonstrate understanding of how aerodynamics affects the motorsport vehicle design and operation. Provide detailed understanding and practical experience of the use of composite materials in racing car structures including materials selection, component design, manufacturing technology processing and performance. You will be taught the skills required for the planning, execution and reporting of motorsport projects and to prepare them for a variety of roles in motorsport. Debate the criticality of the technical and sporting regulations and what these mean to motorsport engineers. To give you a taster, we have listed the compulsory modules and where applicable some elective modules affiliated with this programme which ran in the academic year — Careers Service Cranfield University Careers services can help you achieve your dream job after Graduation.

Some activities will be classroom based, some reliant on group work and some requiring active learning by the student. Motorsport Blog Motorsport MSc puts students in pole position. Students have access to AVL Boost software. Do you require information regarding our Automotive IAB?: We are now part of a global network of motorsport practitioners.

Teaching team Our students regularly engage with motorsport practitioners through group design and individual project work supported by industry. Currently six Formula 1 teams use the Cranfield facility.

Our education will help us become better engineers. We had to perform analysis of steel tubes being crushed under both quasi static as well as dynamic loads. Aerodynamics is a critical element of modern motorsport vehicle design.

Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc

Debate with engineering practitioners the implications of high engine speeds on the mechanical and thermofluid behaviour of engines. We had very little time to complete the challenge which is lesson number one of Motorsport that we will have to get used to — deliver and deliver on time.


The second week was the introduction week, during which we had talks and presentations from experienced professionals in the motorsport industry.

Examine the fundamental role electronic systems and acquired data have on and off vehicle throughout motorsport. Your career Motorsport is a highly competitive sector. He demonstrated a deep fondness for both historic racing and modern competition, giving us an in-depth lecture on the evolution of various racing categories, not solely in top level racing such as F1, but throughout motorsport.

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Module Leader Clive Temple Aim As an introductory non-assessed module it sets the scene for the Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc programme placing it in the context of motorsport engineering and the business behind it. We are now part of a global network of motorsport practitioners. Recently completed thesis projects include:. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the wind tunnel techniques used to analyse motorsport aerodynamic problems and apply these techniques and concepts to develop solution strategies for relevant wind tunnel simulations.

Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc

The group design project is an applied, multidisciplinary team-based activity, motorspirt students with the opportunity to apply principles taught during their MSc course. Our course is now full, but applications for are open. Evaluate and compare the techniques used for the design, processing and assembly and testing of motorsport structural components.

cranfield motorsport thesis

The Presentation Day thess the students with an opportunity to crnfield their work to an audience of industry representatives, academics and their peers. Apply and analyse crashworthiness concepts and the influence of Motorsport regulations on the structure design. Securing employment is ultimately down to the student who completes the job applications and attends the interviews.

If you are an EU or international student you will need to provide evidence that you have achieved a satisfactory test result in an English thessi.


Our minimum requirements are as follows: Some activities will be classroom based, some reliant on group work and some requiring active learning by the student.

Examine the particular issues relating to the management of technical expertise and knowledge in motorsport and its exploitation. Practical sessions using Cranfield’s facilities and equipment Engagement with motorsport practitioners Motorsport related project work. Relate the metallic and non-metallic except composite material properties and structural properties.

The Cranfiedl Design Project is one of the most anticipated segments of the MSc, but Clive and the team would not reveal what we will be working on until February. Cranfield University welcomes applications from students from all over the world for our postgraduate programmes.

Aim The module aims to provide an introduction to the selection, processing, design, and analysis of competition cranfiel. Projects run from February to May. Course details The MSc course consists of nine one-week assessed modules, of which eight are assessed, which take place during October to February, a group design project and an individual thesis project. Motorsport is a highly competitive sector.

Relate the use of a range of software packages to the context of the course.

cranfield motorsport thesis

Examine simulation and optimisation methods for improving design and performance. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the essential facts, concepts and principles of incompressible flows including vortices and viscous effects, boundary layers, wing and diffuser aerodynamic characteristics. Funding Opportunities To help cranfiels find and secure appropriate funding, we have created a funding finder where you can search for suitable sources of funding by filtering the results to suit your needs.