However, this was a big realization for all of us that we needed to play by the rules to do well, rather than produce the best product. This page may be edited to accommodate your activity. It is often an interesting experience to have a teacher give a speech while students rate the speech using the HOSA event rating sheet. Eagle Project for BSA. Finally, our solution to the problem was a well thought out solution, and while it was not what was required of the competition, it was formative in my own opinions on the topic, and likely in the opinions of my teammates. Because of this, we were a little disappointed to get fourth, as we had hoped to place in the top three.

Graphics AS and A2 Who is the course for? Divide the class into teams of three – four members per team. A day in the school computer lab is helpful in completing Internet research. Another option would be to have students write down important points after each speech — both based on what they heard and what they know themselves. Then consider this the first draft, schedule a day in the Internet lab and give students time to review Internet resources that provide instruction on writing an essay, and let them revise their essays using what they learned doing their Internet research. While Round One qualifying does not guarantee that all students who make it to Round Two can do the skills, it has improved the percentage of skilled students who are judged.

Graduate Project Advisor Training.

In this instance, implementing every step problej the event exactly as written in the guidelines is a good idea. If students wish to use this project for future HOSA competition, they would need to assure that the career choice does fall within the guidelines.


creative problem solving hosa study guide

After talking with some of the other students competing in this category we learned that we weren’t supposed to present our solution to the problem, but our problem solving process Successful completion of the portfolio will satisfy portfolio components of the Certificate of Achievement for National Health Care Foundation Skills Standards.

This is good for an intro to a unit.

creative problem solving hosa study guide

Change the title to show what activity you are doing. This is a chance to extend creaative skills and to learn more about Graphic Designers, along with improving and developing.

HOSA Competition- Creative Problem Solving Team – hhsmccaw

Present students with topic options. Remember you will need to assign the topics weeks prior to the start of the unit. Anyway, we won fourth in the category despite giving the exact wrong presentation, so it turned out pretty well in the end. Choose a current event topics that go with your units of study. The collection must include student involvement in selecting the content. In logical order, each student should stand and explain his or her poster — the topic and content details.

Make sure you do not give a student their own test. Did all the judges who judged a skill end up with the same rating? Begin each vuide by filling out the following information: The skill events also have a test prior to the skill round.

Three Days in the Classroom.

HOSA in the Classroom.

The HOSA hoza in this category reinforce cognitive, creative and real-world skills. These pieces of evidence can be incorporated as you write pasted into the text or added as attachments. Or, a specific hospital may have hand hygiene rules that are not identical to those recommended by the CDC.


The topic can be a health career as required in the guidelines or any number of topics. Published by Caren Anthony Modified probem 3 years ago.

creative problem solving hosa study guide

Write out the process you will use. Assign the books for out-of-class reading. You will post each reflection for this activity to this hoa. Divide the class into teams of three – four members per team.

HOSA provides a distinct opportunity for youth to explore these issues and debate with their peers; outside of creative problem solving, there is biomedical debate, health issues exam, and other introspective categories. At least two teams must have the same topic in order to debate each other.

Competitive Events Program Provides a system for recognizing excellence in performance of knowledge and skills developed by members through Provides a. HOSA conferences, events, and partnerships all motivate Health Science Technology Education students to do more than would be reasonable within the classroom walls.

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Then have them develop a test plan based on their questions. School or central office administrators make good judges. Complete the chart by checking those skills that are taught in each class. At the beginning of the year, select one or two books from the Medical Reading list.

Students who performed very poorly on skills also performed poorly on the tests.