I have one question, I am preparing my CV for an academic position and I am wondering where I should mention or not my Certificate in Project Management, something I did before I started focusing on an academic career. I have gone through most of your correspondence online and I feel you can be of assistance. When listing publications, I have always formatted them using APA style — i. The grants are a separate thing, even if they funded the research. I have occasionally cooperated with another individual in planning and teaching the classes, but for the most part I have been solely responsible for the preparation of and teaching the courses.

Secondly, should my focus be on publishing first for a few years before pursuing any type of college level position? How should I designate this? Should fieldwork conducted for an undergraduate dissertation and field school experience be included under research experience on an ABD CV? Again I have an evolving publications record and evidence of grant capture. Do you still think this is true if you know how to create running headings, i. Thanks so much for your helpful and candid advice! Headings in bold and all caps.

Give a comprehensive picture of your skills and qualifications. Should I list my fieldwork, and the language skills needed to complete it, in a separate entry? Curricklum me for shouting. Hi again, I reformatted my CV according to your Golden Rules and it looks so much more professional, thank you!


My lead-in to the interview is quoted directly. I appreciate the conviction and clarity of the advice.

wxemplu Remove this after that point. Okay to use the office and email address from my grad school department for now? I have a number fo clients who do as you say, with dates in the entries themselves. And should this section still go after Service, so far from the section on publications? I wonder if I should viate honorary positions, like Honorary Research Associate in my CV, and if so, under which heading it should go.

I would suggest the following approach for folks in smaller humanities fields like mine: I have gone through most of your correspondence online and I feel you can be of assistance. There is a difference; the resume is a business document, the cv an academic one. Similarly, if an article is reprinted, does that merit a separate entry or do you just put the rpt.

Is choosing to selectively present information on your CV unethical? A critical point that I will add to the body of the post. In this case, a little bit of verbiage is necessary. Name at top, centered, in 14 or 16 point font. This is where I am having my biggest CV conversion headache.

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Thanks for the useful post. My adviser, a giant in his field, and a very professional man, has more than twice now asked me to include a picture of myself on my CV [because he says I am a good looking woman. That column is one of the primary causes of this suffering! currlculum


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I was asked for my feedback but everyone in the dept was. Also, I took a one-year educational sabbatical while teaching high exrmplu is it necessary to list this when reporting my teaching years?

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV

I am at present completely unqualified to opine on academic websites. Thanks for the vittae and effort you put into sharing your experiences with us. Where do I list an invitation ro be an external curriculym for tenure for a faculty member for another university?

I have one quick question. Format in this way: As I currently have it structured, my headings are in the following order: This is why academics have ulcers.

curriculum vitae exemplu md

Thank you for your help! Include years of joining when you are more senior and those years recede into the past—demonstrates length of commitment to a field. Should I take those off my CV? Hi Karen, I am a new immigrant in Canada. I have translated and co-produced a number of plays, and decided to go as follows: