The Linguistic Computer Science. September – November Development of structural-phenomenological SP models, conceptual and symbolic. Slavisticna revija, submitted for publication. The Pisa group is involved in extensive national and international co-operation with Universities, Research Institutes private and public, national and international , Industries, etc. Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Issues in Generating Turkish from Interlingua. Codage, documentation et diffusion de ressources textuelles. Some collections are due to the initiative of CFRL itself. The corpus was to be composed of text fragments words each. Those texts are already in the computer some 3 million words.

The main institutional goals and mandates are to develop research in high performance computer systems, computer networks, signal and data processing, language plur and information retrieval; to promote international cooperation in the above areas of research. Oflazer is personally currently interested in advanced finite state processing and morphological disambiguation mainly for Turkish but with potential applications in other highly inflected languages.

Stur Linguistics Institute, Slovak Curticulum of Sciences, computational lexicography head of research project — part time. Baltic IT Review,Nr. BledLjubljanaLaze Karaulov’s project “Dostoevski’s Dictionary” all literary texts of the writer have been input into computer. The theoretical frameworks used include autosegmental phonology, government and charm phonology, natural morphology, generative morphology, government and binding theory, lexical-functional grammar, discourse representation theory.

There will also be a fourth viyae devoted to the lexicon, i. The Concept of Work in Europe.

The Minsk State Linguistic University is one of the most important scientific and teaching centres in the Republic of Belarus. DrezdenTermNet – Viennapp. The Proper Treatment of Morphological Knowledge. The progressive implementation of the first.


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Several years’ experience in corpus linguistic work including the speech corpus MARSEC, and currriculum 20m word dictionary corpus at the Linguistics Institute. With the rebirth of Lithuanian curriulum inthrough the efforts of Lithuanian scholars at home and abroad, Vytautas Magnus University was re-established.

Application of research results in processing large text resources quantitative text analysis, summarizationcomputer-aided language learning, creation of specialized lexicons, machine translation. The analysis of the corpus of novels, for example, would lead to discovery of functional reasons for using this or that word in the peculiar context of novel as a literary genre.

The outcome was a three-volume grammar morphology and syntax. The main features of those LPSP-programs are their ability curroculum function in any computer network, to communicate with similar LPSPs and to be tools for development of new computerized lingustic sources.

A pen-and-paper survey has also been conducted with a nationally representative sample of the adult Hungarian population.

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For many years it had been the temporary capital. Its student body is over and it has a staff of lecturers, candidates of science and 42 professors among them. Many of the foreign language viitae are authors and translators of books and pamphlets cocerned with Belarus’ history, literature and culture. XI, Giardini, Pisa, Iasi University Publishing House, Iasi, pag.


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During Soviet times studies were re-organized to form Polytechnical and Medical Institutes and Humanities and Social Studies were transferred to the University of Vilnius.

The information structure of the sentence and the coherence of discourse.

Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 33, Wien: An approach to the modelling of natural reasoning. O oblikoslovnem oznacevanju slovenskega besedila [Part-of-speech Tagging of Slovenian Language]. Author or co-author of 6 books, four of which published in English by foreign publishing houses; author or co-author of several tens of research papers published mostly in English in well-known journals or Proceedings of conferences see the enclosed list of publications.

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The construction of a multi-functional retrieval system is in progress. Since there have been 48 scholarly titles conferred. Computational lexicology and lexicography; reusability of lexical resources; text processing; analysis of multilingual corpora; lexicographical and linguistic workstation; formal ;our and parsers; machine translation; quantitative linguistics; office automation; computer-assisted language teaching, document production and analysis, multimedia literary research, etc.

Various models for the lexical access in perception taking into consideration the ‘word’ as a phonetic unit are being examined. Czech, Vitaw languages, esp.