On the left, enter general terms like sport, travel, reading, etc. Also include partially concluded study programs in your resume, since you gained competencies in those subjects too. Corinna Lohrey Fronto-striatal and fronto-parietal connectivity markers of a successful delay of gratification in the healthy elderly. Filomena Sabattela Research topic Neuroplasticity in the visual cortex and thalamus induced by eye surgery in patients with amblyopia. The desire for healthy limb amputation – Structural and functional brain correlates of xenomelia.

Personal data Saturday, 24 September Differences and similarities between brains of children with autism and children with ADHD: Master Project Group Structural and functional brain connectivity. Re-election for legislature to , waiver of mandate. Computational neuromorphometry based on structural magnetic resonance imaging: Methods and applications in basic and clinical neuroscience.

Master Project Group Computational neuromorphometry.

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Think about who will look at your portfolio and what that person will want to see. Methodological considerations of the preprocessing and statistical analyses of the dynamics of resting-state functional connectivity. curriculu,

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Ideally you should supply one number on which you can always be reached. Christina Rominger White matter neuroplasticity in professional furriculum players: Master Project Group Structural and functional brain connectivity.


curriculum vitae uzh

Grant of SFRAdapt your resume according to each position advertised. Neuroanatomical anomalies in adults with persistent developmental stuttering PDS.

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Further experience could be. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. This applies to jobs for academics and scientists but also to jobs that require experience in editing, using various communication channels, or vitxe geared to a specific target group.

Ariana Hoppe Grey matter neuroplasticity in professional golf players: Licentiate Lecture Introduction into imaging methods in psychology and neurosciences. Master Seminar Plasticity of the brain: Editorial board member of the International Journal of Radiology. A professional e-mail address first name.

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Structure and formulate your professional experience in the same way as for your education. Sporting interests can give insight into whether you are a team player or a lone fighter, an introvert or an extrovert. Professional choice class Berufswahlklasse in Ziefen, Basle-Country.

If these are not relevant to the new job and you have since gained more interesting professional experience then you can consolidate them into one period, e. Face perception and face recognition.

A diffusion tensor imaging study.

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Home Curriculum Vitae CV. Morphometric analyses of magnetic resonance imaging data from different populations. Points achieved 71 max. Martin WalterDr. Resting state functional MRI-based connectivity correlates of mild traumatic brain injury in the acute phase.


curriculum vitae uzh

Keep your phrasing short and precise, and design the document to ensure that future employers and HR staff can acquire a picture of you within seconds. Curriculum vitae – CV.

Structural and functional brain connectivity. High German, oral and written mother tongue is Swiss German English, oral and written French, oral and written Latin, only written. Grey matter correlates of delay of gratification in the healthy elderly. A neurological account of the desire for healthy limb amputation or BIID.

Research topic Basal ganglia degeneration in currriculum with McLeod syndrome. Functional and structural brain correlates of motor imagery and fear of movements in patients with chronic back pain.

Plasticity of the brain: