Be sure of your point of view before you start writing. The atmosphere, setting and tone will suit the theme in each case. You must also be aware of the policies of the journal, magazine, newspapers, etc. Any remarks of a general nature comprising observations and comments. A precise title will also provide a framework for your subject matter and prevent you from digressing. How do you propose to go about your project in general. Make your features as diverse as possible.

In recent years, a great deal of damage has been caused to the natural environment. The atmosphere, setting and tone will suit the theme in each case. Relevant clues to the mystery should be presented throughout the story. A number of persons are seen walking down a country road, they are being watches by someone. Popular, erudite professor, but a tyrant at home, till an incident changes his life.

Updated on 18 May, As the course is mostly via correspondence and the entire thing consist of: A radio script can include a radio play, an illustrative talk with sound effects. Hence, such a story does not give importance to a plot, a proper beginning or a definite end.

IGNOU – Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE)

Remember that your main task is to build up a sense of mystery and keep the suspense of the story at a steady pitch till the end. You should give the central theme and image or symbol of creatkve poem in your project proposal. You must give a line statement of the theme of each story in your project proposal.

Its been 3 days I am trying different numbers, can you believe till now I could not talk to a single person. Remember, however, that the personal creative touch is creativf important than mere data and statistics.


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You may, of course, have a project which will be a combination of these types of stories. Use A4 size paper. Do you want your poem to tell a story, describe a scene, an emotion or an idea? I applied for this course because I read such good recommendations, now I am regretting, not sure when it will start, if atall it will start, how long will I have to wait.

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Reach the right people at the right time. Any single feature should not exceed 2, words. Experimental Stories In such stories events are usually viewed through the subjective vision of the main characters. Therefore to be an aspiring writer you can take admission in IGNOU for a standardized certificate but you should join any vreative institute for practice and guidance.

diploma in creative writing in english dce ignou

Writing for Radio and Writing for Television see item 3. Each course is of four credits. Son of socialite parents, neglected, loner, stern upbringing makes him lean towards the pleasant hallucinations of heroin and opium… 4 The Reflections: Methodology Some of my stories will be formula stories others will be left open-ended.

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We also want that our DCE students can complete every procedures for admission or exam or many more easily and smooth with our given instructions and guidance. This needs to be stopped otherwise the consequences will be disastrous for the future generations.

Is something wrong with our sports policies? Popular, erudite professor, but a tyrant at home, till an incident changes his life 2 The Mask: Thank you for your feedback! These characters are recognizable types, who often dilemmas that arise out of stock social problems.


diploma in creative writing in english dce ignou

We have added all necessary and required details about DCE Programme which helps you to get each and every detail at one place without to go anywhere. We give you a brief outline of each type below:.

What you propose to do in your project, and what you hope to achieve at the end publication of your poems, for example, could be one of the goals State approximately how diplona stories, articles, poems, etc. Candidates have to follow required procedure and instructions to get enrolled for DCE. Use one side only. In case you wish to combine genres in your project report, it should include a fair representation of each kind.

Why is the standard of Indian sports so low? It englihs of no use if you send your reports in parts? A Project proposal should be typed in double space on one side only, as far as possible on A4 size paper. For this, I will conduct some on-the-spot interviews, read relevant material on the topic under discussion and then write these feature articles, presenting my personal point of view.