The four canisters over the half pipe are by far the hardest. There are plenty of trees you can T. Once you’ve bought the Paintball Gun you can get this mission from the Red Winged monster hanging around on Monsters University campus. Go over to talk to Don Carlton. Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area.

Continue along the dirt path behind the houses until you get to the next one, ROR House, jump off the dirt ramp onto the back of the building to grab number eight, number nine is directly ahead off the ramp on the same building. There’s a third directly above so keep on going up, the next few are are along the top of the roof before going up onto the chimney, to get up there you’ll need to jump on the yellow pipe to the right and be thrown off it onto the antenna. On the way up there are some small posters on the wall that you need to scare, first one’s right above the scaring platform, then the next is up by the first ledges, the third is when you start climbing the bricks, instead carry on around the corner a bit further. The purple tentacle monster to the north of the fountain has this mission for you after finishing Doomed Dorm. Talk to Art by the Library to start this mission.

In this mission you need to shoot the three Fear Tech students with paintballs, just run around and shoot at them. After completing Very Scary for Terri and Terry you get a call to return to Monsters University campus, approach Squishy and you’ll get this mission automatically.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

This also unlocks the Roarin’ Ramp toy when you’re done. Climb up to the roof the same way you did before, like climbing the ledges near the bridge section, and then jump up a bit further onto the orange roof and across the wire with the furled up banner. Return to Terri and Terry once you’re done to get another mission. Number two is around the back of that same building. Go to the south building where the marker is indicating and jump up on the lower windows before sliding over and climbing the parts jutting out of the corner.


If you jump over the wall to the right you’ll land right near the statue in question, simply walk up in front of it and scare the button. This will open up the Monster Customisation where you can customise monsters.

Talk to Art outside the Library after unlocking the buttons. Jump down and head north to another wire going across the road, again climb the lamppost to get up to the two banners on there. They take very few hits to destroy while you can take several.

Knock the banner off the south side of the Library by standing on the hooks, scare the toilet paper off the spike corners of the roof, and clear the toilet paper off the edges of the ledge above the door to finish.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Now quickly off back inflnity where Don Carlton was and duck behind the building to get out of the Fear Tech student’s vision.

Jump up and grab onto the flagpole before shimmying to the side until the flag unfurls. If you haven’t infinitu the skate park toys you might find the floating scream cans a little mystifying as you need the various parts to reach them. Talk to the monster again to unlock the JOX House, then build it for coins.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

That’ll take you onto a pipe that takes you past the clock face, keep on going up a short distance before going to the right and into the room at the top of the tower. The last canister is above the Sweet Bike Jump that’s in the path ahead.

Disney infinity homework hero mission

Use an “Ender” that you’ve purchase from the Toy Store in the third spot and start throwing students at the first launcher. There’s one on the steps of the School intinity Scaring, two in front of the building to the east of the fountain, and another two in front of the other building east of the fountain.

A mission that you don’t really get given and has no description. And the sisney and herl one is just slightly further along, repeat to complete. You can also use the large paint cannons at the edges to shoot them if you like. Once you reach the window equip the Cracklin’ Backpack if you haven’t already and throw into the five Botany building windows to finish the mission.


Climb up the antenna to the top of the chimney to finish off the collection.

Do the same thing for the second banner on the other part of the building. Take some time to get the hang of the half pipe by just going back and forth without jumping; the bike turn around automatically at the top, so there’s no need to try and move it manually.

On the opposite side of the half pipe is another one in the air, go up the dirt ramp from against the fence and jump into it. There’s a purple spotty monster up on the roof of a building to the west of the Fear Tech fountain, climb a nearby building to get across to it.

Disney Infinity Walkthrough – Monsters University: Football Wrapper

On the way up there are some small posters on the wall that you need to scare, first one’s right above the scaring platform, then the next is up by the first ledges, the third is when you start climbing the bricks, instead carry on around the corner a bit further. Go through the door on the other side to talk to the big blue monster. September 7, at 8: There’s good news and bad news for this mission – the bad news is that bike riding takes a lot of practice and this can be one of the hardest missions in the game.

Scare the two Fear Tech students that are wandering around near the Clock Tower. So you will need to have two of those characters even two of the same character works to play co-op.