Interpretations of matrix multiplication. What values can Rank AB possibly have? You might need to use the concept of a path of length m from node p to node q. Airlines are required to collect this data, called FOQA data, for every commercial flight. Thus, you must choose the inputs up to time M , u 1 , u 2 ,. In other words, the network is used to collect information from the nodes and route it through the links to the special destination node.

If z neither increases nor decreases, it stays the same, i. Solutions to Math 5 First Exam April,. Justify why you believe this is the case, and reconstruct u1 ,. Route 1 is 1, 2, 3 , route 2 is 1, 2, 3, 4 , route 3 is 3, 4, 5 , and route 4 is 4, 5, 1 , where routes are defined as sequences of links. If you believe this statement, give a specific example of a matrix A, and a nonlinear unbiased estimator, and also explain why no linear unbiased estimator exists.

EE homework problems Lecture 2 — Linear functions and examples. You only need to give one prescription for getting the message from node 5 to node 18 in minimum time.

Plot the responses when verifying. Suppose that u and y are scalar-valued discrete-time signals i. We give it just to mention a concrete situation where a problem like this one might arise.

In such cases, least-squares estimation of x works well. Solution a From Kittel, the… Documents. Roughly speaking, this operation doubles the sample rate, inserting new samples in between the original ones using linear interpolation.


We say that a signal z is piecewise-affine PWAwith kink points i1.

ee263 homework 2 solutions

The convolution system represents the transmission channel. This is asserted, but not shown, in the lecture notes on page Hhomework process and study group Who else did you work with.

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It should be clear from your answer that you know the definition. Here, vi are small noises or errors.

Here, though, we allow the possibility that f is nonlinear which we take to mean, f is not linear. You may find the matlab functions toeplitz and fliplr useful. Boyd EE homework 5 solutions You are welcome to simulate the system from more than two initial source rates; we only ask you to hand in the plots for two, however.

Constrained optimization problems can sometimes be solved using the methods of the. As initial guess, you can use the least-norm solution of the linear equations resulting if you ignore the quadratic terms in f.

ee263 homework 2 solutions

Comment briefly on what you observe. Also give the transaction cost if all the shares were purchased in the first period, and the transaction cost if the purchases were evenly spread over the periods i. Consider an undirected graph with n nodes, and no self loops i.

The receiver must make a guess or estimate as to which of the signals was sent, based on the received signal arecd. Smallest input that drives a system to a desired steady-state output. In many specific applications, it is possible and useful to make a stronger statement, for example, to derive a bound on how large the error can be. Either show that this is so, or give an explicit counterexample.


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The following interpretation is not needed to solve the problem. If this condition holds, we say that the estimator is insensitive to measurement errors in V. For example, we define a function f: In summary, you are given the problem data wknown which gives the known array valuesZknown which gives the locations of the known valuesand Zunknown which gives the locations of the unknown array values, in some specific order.

Give the optimal transaction cost.

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