According to the data, it can be found that BC has high occurrence of the pipeline incidents and accidents, so I can use this data reference to demonstrate the risk of the Northern Gateway pipeline project. Wright Mansell Research Ltd. The article will explore these questions:. I am sure Doug is a mathematician, first, right? Political Economy and Public Policy. In addition, the reliability of this reference is limited because there is no formal reference list in the article, and it lacks quality control.

Scrapping the project is the desired outcome of the majority of first nations of northern British Columbia. This source is reliable because the data is collected by a federal organization. That ban was officially passed through the House of Commons in May These proposed solutions are not supported by our research however. It clearly identifies pros and cons related to the project by identifying both the profits as well as the possible costs of spills. Resource Rights in Canada.

Case Study: Northern Gateway Pipeline | Student Research on Environment and Sustainability Issues

Always a pleasure to read you. Many First Nations groups, including Idle No More, have strongly condemned the Enbridge pipeline and have announced their opposition.

Why not an Oil Stewardship Council with environmental and social standards that could be the basis of independently certified crude oil? Allan argues that the economic impact of the pipeline will actually be negative for Canada opposed to what Enbridge predicts.

Opostion and Benefits of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines

The project could make Enbridge the most profitable oil company in the world. The federal government has yet to fully support or oppose this proposition Laanela, And the other North West part of the United States contains condensed matter of imported natural gas in opposite direction. As scientists at the forefront of endangered species research, we are concerned that government backpedaling on endangered species legislation will be a major setback for Table 3-Revised summary of Northern Gateway benefit calculation.


Government emails admit that many species are at risk from the Gateway Pipeline: However, with all aspects considered including extreme environmental opposition, current governmental opposition, and the recent overturning of project approval, this solution is incredibly realistic and is likely to be in place shortly.

Canada is seething with anger. Incarcera Essay Writing Service Sample: It would be a member-based, third-party audited certification system which would have four groups: Canadian pipeline company TransCanada announced today it will no longer be proceeding with its proposed Below you will find an overview section describing the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project and the controversy surrounding its construction, followed by our latest news and analysis on the subject.

June 25, at 1: Shortly after taking office in OctoberPrime Minister Justin Trudeau re-affirmed his commitment to implementing an oil tanker ban on the north coast of British Columbia, which would effectively kill the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal. My article in Corporate Knights is now published online and their magazine: The mind map shows that environmental concerns, economic impact, and interests of different groups are the key dimensions that frame the problem.

However, the article has the weakness that the author provides few data or physical evidence to show how significantly the fisheries and the communities will be affected.

That means they share power equally. However, the risk model only use the highest water flow rate to estimate oil flow, while it ignored some other important factors such as water temperature, shoreline vegetation characteristics and stream patterns, which may reduce the accuracy of the model.


Enbridge Spin Doctor Snarls about “Dirty Oil” Essay

Connections — Volume 1. Title Claim in Supreme Court Ruling. The source seems relatively unbiased and is produced by an independent research company in Vancouver. The impact on the enbridgs is the second issue within the project as the fundamental goal of this pipeline is to facilitate the development of Canadian economy, but the primary environmental issue subsequently reduces the benefits.

These proposed solutions are not supported by our research however.

enbridge pipeline essay

This source is reliable because the data is collected by a federal organization. Although our proposed solution, as in the case of any wicked problem, does not satisfy every stakeholder we believe the scrapping of Northern Gateway does more good than harm overall. Political Economy and Public Policy. It is a essau for the project and not intended to be impartial.

enbridge pipeline essay

Their declaration states that they will not allow the Enbridge Enbridgge Gateway Pipelines or any projects associated with the tar sands to cross their land. Anyone who has been paying attention to environmental issues in Canada knows that things have gotten downright toxic between the Harper Government, the oil industry, environmentalists, First Nations and even local communities.

enbridge pipeline essay

In order to access the Pacific Coast via the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Enbridge is required to build an 1,kilometre dual pipeline from Alberta to the coast. Information must be carefully considered from this source.