DSR is like a family; once you register we make it a point to be there for you all the way. The exam questions will be based on real-life situations for which you have to apply your understanding of the Advance Information. The proposed audit adjustments were straightforward most candidates calculated them correctly , and the review of the cashflow statement somewhere in the exam paper should have been anticipated. It may not show in terms of incomplete sections but it will impact on the quality of your report. Call to learn more. Leading tuition providers share their tips for passing every ACA exam.

This time last week we were getting ready to set sail! Questions are encouraged throughout the session and students will receive free access to EOS’s Exam Technique Principles programme. Time management Whatever the examiners say, I know that this is a very time-pressured exam. Add depth to your ethics answers using the following methods: Financial statement analysis The case was about 4DVD, a private film production company.

Case Study – retakes and tuition-providers

Revise by watching business news and observing business practices around you, applying the theories in the syllabus. We look forward to welcoming you to our Learning Majlis! The route to success The Case Study is a difficult exam taken under considerable stress and time pressure.

Candidates needed to understand clearly how the business environment affected each of the six revenue streams. Make sure you buy yours soon to avoid disappointment! The Case Study must be the last exam that you attempt.


eos case study icaew

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How to prepare for the November ’16 ACA Case Study paper | Reed Business School

Ravenwolf Cinematic Combat Organisation. Candidates who failed were icew able to link their ideas with the underlying business issues and develop a strategic narrative; their answers were often very thin and they failed to address the ethical issues specified in the exam paper. Bright future for plumbers and tram drivers.

eos case study icaew

As nearly all candidates include an executive summary in their reports, it is all about the quality. The draft results, the focus of Requirement 1, showed that all revenue streams except one had declined and 4DVD had undertaken severe cost cutting measures.

Why did I fail Case Study?

If you are still looking to buy tickets, you simply just need to click the link below:. Those numbers are in the question for a reason.

If you failed, you need to consider critically whether your planning was effective, whether you had practised enough, and whether you stuck to your time plan. Book via your online training file or at my. Without workings, the markers will not be able to understand your logic to your approach and award marks.

eos case study icaew

Avoiding the Xmas blues. Requirement stduy had three elements: This must mean I really ocaew the exam system. Apologies for the length of this post. So what could have gone wrong? Strategic business analysis and ethics Requirement 3 had three elements: The best way to get used to these oddly specific rules is practise, practise, practise. Neil Russell, an ex-Case Study examiner and current Programme Director for Training-by-Eos will be running a session to help you prepare for your Case Study exam through exam technique which is crucial for passing any case study.


Debit for increase in expenses, assets and drawings. Leading tuition providers share their tips for passing every ACA exam.

In the advance information, candidates could see the impact of the current economic climate on financial performance, and the potential difficulties 4DVD might have in meeting its bank loan covenants.

A word to the wise.

This is demonstrated in the grade profiles of the two illustrative scripts. Finance for Non-Finance Managers: Add depth to your ethics answers using the following methods: NCASS shared a post. On Friday 22 March from 7: