Pakistan squad — Cricket World Cup runners-up. He considers himself a better bowler than batsman. He also became the first person to receive the Player of the Tournament award in T20 World Cup history. Apr 27, I started playing basketball because of my original favorite player, Shaquille O;Neal. On 21 November , Shahid Afridi was banned for a Test match and two ODIs for deliberately damaging the pitch in the second match of the three- Test series against England. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

He respects seniors and all his squad members he enjoyed a fantastic friendly relationship with his squad and he trust and loves them a batch. The crowd cheer as the two Bangladeshi openers walk out to the centre. Worth mentioning is that the four names given above were not associated in the original scandal and that no disciplinary action have been taken against them by the sports governing body the International Cricket Council. He opted to be interviewed by phone. His llick name is Boom Boom Afridi, Lala. There are only three fielders on the off-side – point, cover and mid-off.

According to the agreement, the star cricketer cannot sign any other company and has instituted a lawsuit against the cricketer in Sindh High Court SHC for damages amounting to Rs 60, and recovery of a car. Let us create the best one for you! Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. That’s the start India wanted, not what Bangladesh had in mind.

essay my favourite player shahid afridi

Bowling first – 21 wickets Fuller than a essay length, pitches on the seam and wobbles a bit away, Tamim gets forward to block and is beaten by the late movement. Retrieved 24 January However, his aggressive style increases his risk of getting out and he is one of the most inconsistent batsmen in cricket.


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Slants it and then straightens after pitching on a back of a length, may have even moved away after passing the bat. Italics denote deputised captaincy.

Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Shahid Afridi receives guard of honour as he bids farewell to International career”. Afridi filed a petition with the Sindh High Court to overturn the sanctions.

It is overcast but there is no rain and there is the centre cover in place. Retrieved 15 July Called one short ball for the over 5. Every disastrous loss ravourite Pakistan leads to winks and nudges, insinuations if not outright accusations. Even during his arrival from Dubai back to Pakistan, a few days after the rest of the team, fans chanted ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ at the airport amidst high security. Without proper ehahid supportyou may see unjoined letters running left to right or other symbols instead of Urdu script.

essay my favourite player shahid afridi

In MarchShahid Afridi established the Shahid Afridi Foundation which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in Pakistan. However, a six-page report by Younis was later leaked by the PCB to the media where he was shown to be pointing much of the blame onto Afridi.

On 6 Septemberin a Defence Day event at RawalpindiAfridi was reportedly caught on the camera chewing tobacco. Retrieved 21 February Drawing tutorials Pinterest Shahid Afridi, a famous cricket player Essay on my favourite sports person divorce papers Essay on My Favourite Player the list are considered shahid afridi is my favourite cricket player. Bounces in essay of the diving second slip and goes away. Can’t call that as a chance as it bounced in front and then beats the third man to his right.


Shahid but Tamim will take it 4. In the same match, he also became the first cricketer to have completed the double of.

He also became the first person to receive the Player of the Tournament award in T20 World Cup history. First Younis claimed afridu Afridi was ‘unfair’ to new cricketer Mohammad Nawaz by calling him up to bowl in the Asia Cup because it ‘destroyed the youngster’s confidence’ after he gave runs in 3 overs. Shahid has cut Rahman in half. He considers himself a better bowler than batsman.

Days after the match, Afridi posted a video on Twitter, in which he apologised to all his fans for the teams disappointing performance. Positive body language from the Indians 2.

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Afridi said it was unfair for them to announce his plans in the media, but then said he wanted a farewell match, which didn’t happen as a result of him cancelling a meeting regarding the issue with the PCB. Retrieved 25 April Superb ball and so favourite the outside edge shahid. The shorter the game, the more it favors Bangladesh.