Common colours used while making these patterns may include but are not limited to blue, red, black and yellow. Ta Chailh Bhar Churandiyas. Ajrak is also worn by the Seraiki people of Southern Punjab and Kutch. People of Sindh, Pakistan and by Sindhi community all over the world. Sindhi is spoken by a variety of religious groups including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs in 19Southeast Pakistan.

This site uses cookies. Early human settlements in the lower Indus Valley found a way of cultivating and using Gossypium arboreum commonly known as tree cotton to make clothes. Very few people know how to cook it to perfection. This advertisement promotes Sindhi language and dresses. Leave a comment Trackbacks 1 Comments 1. When elbows too quit. It is an agriculture province.

The Story of ‘Ajrak’: History and Making

Besides, Sindhis have a special feeling and association for the ajrak and they use Ajrak from cradle to grave. Another social value is to touch the feet of elders and old people to honor them this ritual is commonly followed by every Sindhi. Sindhi people not only welcomed the wandering visitors used to come here from different regions of the world through ages but also impressed them with loving behavior and warm hospitality on such scale that mainstream among the infiltrators preferred sindhii live here rather than to go back their respective homelands.

Every traveling family, ethnic group or nation which un around here, carried their ways of life, like traditions, values, rites, rituals, culture, folklore, dwelling systems, ideologies, beliefs, philosophies etc: Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

History eessay Ajrak Tracing the Origins Pashtuns have their own identity, Punjab stands at its own specialty, just like that Ajrak is an essential part of the Sindhi attire but the origin of the Ajrak can be marked out from the ancient times around BC — BC when a statue of King- Priest was quarried from Mohenjo-Daro which had draped a shawl over his shoulder — adorned with a trefoil pattern like a three leafed clover sprinkled with small circles filled with a red color.


There are five styles of cap, round circularfour cornered, fancy, betel leaf shaped and the cap having different designs. Sindhi Culture Sindhi festivals Sindhi Hindu festivals. Other popular crafts include the earthenware of Johi, the metal vessels of Shikarpur, the ralli quilt, embroidery and leather articles of Pn, and the easay work of Kandhkot.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

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Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Day-A Symbol Of Love | Youth Awareness

Baloch Pashtun Punjabi Sindhi. KTN also runs news bulletins every hour. Perhaps the most professed exposition of Sindhi culture is in the handicrafts of Hala, langguage town some 30 kilometers from Hyderabad. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Now you must be wondering if I am distracting from the title but it is a fact that due to globalization everything has come close to each other and nothing remains confined to a specific area or culture.

If I get to meet him; a Blessing tis will be.

Culture: Sindhi People | Free Essays –

They come in many different styles, fabrics, colors and patterns that make them look really stylish. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cap producers create such beautiful lines, decoration and flowering designs with collyrium on cloth mostly silk of different color that having seen their art heart filled in high spirits. Then rolled out to one eighth inch thickness and cooked on the skillet on a low flame.


Pairan Pandh Karan Chaddiyo. The trefoil signifies three sun-disks glued together to characterize the unity of the gods of the Sun, water and earth. Dodo chutney Millet-flour kneaded with spices cooked unleavened on a skillet and eaten with garlic-based mint chutney. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Persians brought perfume, olive and water lily from Khurasan, pomegranate is also Lanugage gift and they in addition gave us seeds of bringal.

This page was last edited on 11 Mayat You are commenting using your Facebook account. Food is very important in Sindhi culture. Early human settlements in the lower Indus Valley ,anguage a way of cultivating and using Gossypium arboreum commonly known as tree cotton to make clothes.

If we elaborate the impression of Ajrak, it is pertinent to know about its importance and use to its native and how it is made. Fabric Washing and Cleansing Churrai There aindhi numerous steps involved in preparation of Ajrak ranging from 18 to essay steps but the basic process is called Churrai by local communities.

Here we list some more interesting articles and information source from India and Pakistan to help you explore more about Sindhi Culture: This is a dance which is characterized by a sort of religious frenzy and has, therefore, a very fast tempo. Views Read Edit View history.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language