If you’re talking about the Miss. This can be discouraging to women to be themselves, and encouraging to not eat, where more makeup, and change themselves to be ‘perfect’. Beauty pageants are only harmful to children when their parents mostly moms turn into pageant moms! It allows women to gain name for themselves and make their family and parents proud. So the beauty contests do not degrade womanhood. So I think beauty contests are not degrading womanhood.

They just want to leer and feast their eyes on beautiful bodies and after the show go home to their spouse and forget about the women altogether. Everything which has a brighter side also had a darker side. They do not have to take part in beauty contests to make others appreciate them and tell them that they are beautiful by other people’s standards. In my views beauty is degrading women. Every women on this planet should be crowned instead of only one then such beauty contest will be able to empower women and respect womanhood. These contests are basically for judging the talent of an individual and appreciating their talent.

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essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

They turn women into objects to be used and played with. Some dark side of beauty contest – winner remains tall, thin and english speaking.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

Yes, these kinds of shows proof how much we think bout our outer beauty. But if a girl sees the beauty contests and wants to get honor in this society by this way, she learns that she has to decorate herself to look beautiful in the eyes of others.

But one of the common and very minute disadvantage that they start consuming beauty drugs which is harmful for them in future. The hapless contestants feel the entire world is watching THEM when actually they are just fodder for the spectator’s idle entertainment. Hello, my dear friends. Don’t think in bad view because of its a one of the art for womens.


So the concept of degradation has gone and in fact people always wanted to be in some sort of lime light. Their natural beauty, which may provide them an opportunity to work in modelling, fashion industry.

Essay On Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood | Mistyhamel

Sindhu, Sania Mirza, Taslima Nasrin and most importantly Malala should be an inspiration to other women to show the womanpower. Actually what womanhood means the period of a being and experiencing as a woman and a feminist life with own individual ideas, freedom and all.

In this process, she forgets her real meaning. And the one who is more beautiful and more intelligent is the winner or we can say beauty with brain wins. But now that I see the underlying issues, it upsets me that such a sexist, degrading thing still exists on a national scale.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?

Yes this is a man dominating society so just one for one single thing we can neglect all the good things related to it. Womanohod You are a still a student yet your ideas are not at par with the present generation.

Every single woman of this world should have given the right to participate in a beauty contest. Sharath Chandra Reddy said: Till the date, almost all the beauty contests show a discriminatory stereotyped pattern Winner remains Tall, Thin and English speaking.


Beauty contests degrade womanhood

I would like to state that beauty contest is degrading women as essy is important but at a limit, limit must not be crossed even if its about increasing your beauty or improving the way of dressing style. We can’t say that beauty contest degrading our culture. Its world of globalization.

As human is a social animal first. However, the fact cannot be ignored that in almost all beauty contests women are treated as sale able product. What do you mean by the word ‘honest’ in this context. Having lived in a patriarchal society for most of the history, beauty contests serve as a very apt platform for women to assure their place in the society as a confident and equal gender.

Beauty contests should be open for every woman living on this planet.

Do you think that beauty contest degrade womanhood?

Children are not as emotionally equipped to deal with it. Women draw inspiration from such examples. Maybe try beauty contests. And in some contest is not even included but at the national level, it is there. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. However, this is not the only reason that beauty contests are not harmful, because the audience expects to see different kinds of beautiful women out there.

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