You are commenting using your Google account. Therefore, do not be too obvious if you wrote the essay on Microsoft Word and pasted it on the space provided. It’s normal for them to announce the Kijang Emas awardees first. I always think this: I can talk in front of crowds decently, but my hands would clamour out of nerves anyway. I’ve already passed their interviews and have got the scholarship to study in UK for Data Science There were at least 6 different meeting rooms on the floor and they look very stylish.

They would be mixing up the groups! There are groups where most of them passed the first stage, while some groups, only a few. Now I regret not savouring the delicacies throughout my stay in Lanai Kijang because the food is truly great, but I just wasn’t in the mood for some serious food hunting. March 20, at 6: So I went to the counselling room and wrote on the application form. Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. How do you know the status of your application?

Doing research will also contribute to the nation Well, I told them that I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and I press on my desire to contribute to my nation, but they basically will throw questions and hiasiswa based on what you tell them.

At 7 am, I went down for breakfast with my roommate. I met a fellow Brain Bee finalist in my group and we spoke a little before the official briefing started. Everyone was super friendly and nice, which made me feel more at ease despite not knowing anyone at first. Then I heard, “Qurratulain” Was so relieved.


Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship – CollegeLAH

Firstly, we were required to present the topic we chose with our mahjong paper and then we were asked to sit down for our interview. Okay, that’s only the first part of your question answered. After all, you’re standing among them, too! While this jegara will be on the Kijang Scholarship predominantly, some obvious differences between Kijang Emas and Kijang will be made clear here. How is the assessment process? Silent Storm April 06, 6: It was quite challenging since not many of us took economies and understood economical terms, however it is made easier when we worked in groups and everyone contributed their opinions and knowledge on certain things.

I may have been too late: Be sure to be genuinely curious about your question so you can use the answer they gave to improve yourself later on in life.

There were 4 sessions and teamworking between us in KE2 was the major key to seize the day.

Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship Academy 2015

Breakfast was great because there were pancakes and I love pancakes a lot. Is it relevant to your chosen course?

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

I know you have a few more days prior to the release of your Biaskswa results. Applying for this scholarship and receiving it has definitely affected me greatly.

I was placed in K7, the ‘K’ standing for Kijang.

Bank Negara Scholarship Assessment – Kijang Academy – ofchocolateandlemons

We also got to know each other a little as we would be spending the whole next day in our group. We had to write an essay on what field you want to study and why you deserve the scholarship.


In K7, five out of seven names were called, leaving me and my fellow Penangite teammate in the hall, a bit shocked and disappointed. No, if it’s Kijang Emas. Is there a bond that comes with the scholarship? Thank You very much for the sharing!

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

I was a Project Manager in the third assessment. Although the number varies from year to year, that’s generally the rough idea. Are there any advice you can share to me because I really do not know gank on what to expect since the format changed haha 2. One year of studies equates to 2 years of bonded working years. More less an introduction kind of essay I guess?

You are commenting using your Google account. Individual interview is usually done with director or deputy director of the relevant department to know whether the candidate is a good fit for the role.

Recently, I submitted my application for the Kijang Emas scholarship. If you’re negaea how long after the assessment that you’ll get to know the results, they usually take about weeks.