The list of examiners is proposed by the student in consultation with his or her supervisor. The presentation is open to anyone interested: At least one examiner, referred to as an external examiner, must be from outside the University of Ottawa and must be independent from the supervisor and the student. In all fields you must develop a system for keeping track of references and any thoughts or ideas you have while reading a particular source. This seminar provides an ideal forum for a student to discuss the thesis and to practice for the upcoming defence. As a finished product, the literature review shows that you are familiar with the literature pertinent to your topic; shows the importance of your decision to conduct research and write on your topic with the approach you have chosen; explores what has been written on your topic and by whom; and, explores what the literature tells you, what it does not tell you, and why both of these are important for your topic.

Research and Writing So far the parts of a thesis have been described, and the importance of looking at completed theses or research papers has been emphasized. Keep in mind that if a student submits a large amount of new material without forewarning, a supervisor may find these timelines impossible to meet. More information can also be found in section Keeping in touch through regular meetings They will accompany you, if you wish, at any meeting and help you understand the consequences of any sanctions. Here are some things you may want to ask yourself after the meeting:

The embargo is for a limited time period.

fgps thesis submission

Where the thesis is approved to go forward immediately, the comments help the student to prepare for the defence. If you are uncertain about imposing an embargo, consult your supervisor. The list of examiners, in the case of a doctoral thesis, submussion reach the FGPS one month prior to submission of the thesis for evaluation. When the writing phase begins, refer back to your proposal.


These must be referenced as meticulously as the final thesis. Remember me on this computer. Applications must thesiz submitted to the Carleton Ethics Board prior to the commencement of the research or study.

fgps thesis submission

Log Fgpps Sign Up. How to Use this Guide Once a student starts working on a research paper or report, comprehensive examination or thesis, the student must maintain continuous registration for three sessions every year until completion of the program.

Check with your thesis supervisor and academic unit to see whether this is possible or required in your program. However, much of its success is based on page numbers. Successfully defending your thesis or dissertation can be one of your proudest achievements. In the event of illness or other emergencies thezis the part of the student, deferred submission and presentation times can be arranged with the permission of the department Chair.

Your notes must clearly identify what is a direct quote, ffgps a paraphrase, or your own thoughts. In signing the form with the names of the proposed examiners, the chair of the academic unit or delegate is indicating that, to the best of their knowledge, no conflict of interest exists. All the articles must have been prepared while the fpgs was enrolled in the program of study for which the thesis is being written.

Thesis Requirements

These records must be kept for at least five years, unless determined otherwise by the immediate supervisor. The thesis as a series of articles The supervisor might also be able to arrange for a colleague to supervise the student submisssion the leave period. The examiners must judge the changes satisfactory before the thesis can proceed to the defence stage. Attend other thesis defences if you have not already done so. In submisxion, the actual documents confirming ethical approvals, are often placed here rather than in the body of the thesis.


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Research and Writing So far the parts of a thesis have been described, and the importance of looking at completed theses or research papers has been emphasized. December 3, Draft 1 TW. The Copyright Office has its own Copyright Guide, where you can learn more about copyright and fair dealing, for example.

If major revisions are required before the defence see verdict 3, abovea signed copy of your comments will be provided to the student, the supervisor, as well as to all members of the jury and the chair of the academic unit. Working with animals The use of animals in research must conform to the most rigorous ethical standards. If so, incorporate a paraphrased translation into your discussion of the quote for the benefit of readers who are not competent in the quoted language.

There are software programs that may help with this. Typographical errors should not be listed in the report itself, but submitted on a separate page.

Consider joint supervision as an alternative to finding a new supervisor. Thesie permanent records must remain in the research unit upon departure of the investigator from the University. Formatting and placement requirements for tables, figures, and other graphics vary by department and discipline.

All reports and examiner’s name will be sent to the student and the thesis supervisor s and to the other examiners, including the president of the defence, prior to the thesis defence. If a student has a prior personal or work relationship with a professor, for example, this professor could mentor the student, providing advice on academic life or any other issues.