Posted August 6, That’s really nice of you to come back and post this! But if you want an answer to your question in red, please start a new post as I have no personal experience in submitting I late. Then, find your state or territory to see which service center to file your petition. We used ACCO fasteners we needed 3 for the whole package. You can also create a new cover letter with it.

For dependent children who did not acquire conditional resident status on the same day as you or within 90 days thereafter, they file a separate Form I Hopefully this helps many many people! Wow, I thought I had a lot of evidence but mine is abysmal compared to yours! You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Wow you sent WAY more than we did. Of course, I omitted all private identifying information but the format and remaining words are intact. In addition, add any additional items not on the list that apply to you.

Also, has anyone submitted the I late? An I is a petition to remove the conditions on their residence that are usually placed there due to an individual’s marriage to a United States citizen. So I would say, expect it between 5 – 14 days.

How to Write an I Cover Letter | Wondershare PDFelement

Approved E-notification of Card Production. Happily living as a family together, I am requesting that this petition be accepted and conditions on the residence of John Rahul Kashoggi and Janet Kashoggi be removed.

Then, find your state or territory to see which service center to file your petition.


form 1-751 cover letter

Obviously my husband and I belong to the “everything but the kitchen sink” group and our evidence came up to 5. How to Write an I Cover Letter Unlike most i cover letter isn’t really required, but highly recommended that you prepare it to enhance your case.

Cover Letter For I 751

We married shortly after her arrival, as we had been unable to do so previously, and have remained living together happily as a family with our daughter. Share coover post Link to post Share 17-51 other sites. Below you’ll find an easy-to-edit template sample of an I cover letter that would be written by one spouse the petitioner on behalf of their spouse and child. I Removal of Conditions: Answers and comments provided on Visajourney.

Tips for Writing an I Cover Letter

Skip to main content. In case you’re still feeling a little lost while writing your Form I cover letter, here are a few useful tips:. If you are able to do the application on your own and our site has been a great help to you, please consider donating to our site using the donate feature in the upper left. Just in case anyone was interested, the tab dividers in the picture are Avery Bottom-Style Dividers that we purchased for cheap on Amazon here.

form 1-751 cover letter

Approved on the spot! As a result, there is only one fee. Posted September 2, Sign In Sign Up. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service you should not access or view any page including this page on VisaJourney.


I’m also attaching two pictures of civer we assembled our package and the box we used for mailing since I’ve seen many questions related to these topics.

You can actually make your application strong and filled with all the required information if you went with I cover letter sample to help you draft the document.

form 1-751 cover letter

Copies of all documents enclosed are precise copies of unaltered documents. Hopefully this helps many many people!

Married AOS from F Copies of details of our first and second wedding anniverary celebrations; invitations to guests, cards received from family and friends, event bills Exhibit Q: Published Nov 29, The petitioner is noted as a conditional resident by virtue of this marriage.

In the ending, do note the authenticity of documents and how they’re not altered and your agreement to have the original documents submitted to consular or immigration officer if required in future.

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In my second post, I gave members the option 1–751 ask me questions as long as it pertains to my topic. Advertise Disclosure Disclaimer and Policy. If this is the case, it is a good idea to hire a qualified lawyer when preparing all the documents. Because part of your post was addressed to me, I am leaving it here.