However, the actual calculations use a specific linear relationship for each individual city and building type which is the slope of each line. The approach developed in this research study is designed to help decision-makers explicitly define uncertainties in the economy and local markets e. DoD provides an annual facilities energy management report detailing its energy goals, plans to meet those goals, and progress to date. The consultant provided materials and met with the staff from the selected installations, HQ, construction agents, and Office of Secretary of Defense to demonstrate and test the applicability of the analysis methodology developed in this study to actual DOD projects, and to obtain feedback on the applicability of the analytical approach and tools as input to the development of the DOD comprehensive strategy. Green Building Council for each building type and location.

Initial Investment Cost—total building cost for completed facility approved for occupancy excludes land acquisition ; cost per square foot. Specifically, the benefit-cost data for the baseline building cases could be obtained through:. A Comparison of Sewar Rates in 30 U. Section of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to the congressional defense committees on the energy-efficiency and sustainability standards used by DOD for military construction and major renovations of buildings. This signed MOU introduced a new element and significant challenges for developing

August 8, Prepared for: A 4 kW DC panel was assumed to have a de-rated factor of 0. Both energy and water price escalation rates are included in the sensitivity analysis, and the potential future opportunities for Net Savings under different conditions can be graphically represented with the example of the Miami Office and Smi Figure Specifically, this study analyzed the economic efficiency of buildings built under the guidance of: Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one.

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tsudy The LEED certification system requires certain levels of energy and water performance as prerequisites and specifically provides points for improved performance levels, which are included in the submitted certification materials.

In addition, the sensitivity analysis indicates that an additional building that was not economically efficient with moderate energy and water price escalation at 0.

The building standards and rating systems could reduce the vulnerability of DOD installations to price shocks—and increase cost-effectiveness—by reducing the use of these resources. As noted earlier, the selected locations represent 5 climate zones, and a range of urban and non-urban markets. An estimate of the first costs and energy savings for Standard Summary Definitions of Terms Measure Definition Net Savings Time-adjusted costs are subtracted from the time-adjusted savings, where the discount rate d represents foregone opportunities in the market for investment.


These potential future Net Savings under this scenario could also be viewed as the potential future additional costs that will be incurred if a building does not follow ASHRAE Two related factors may both reduce the incremental initial investment costs and increase the capture of expected benefits from high performance facilities: The Green Globes certification is a voluntary rating system that uses credits that are weighted to reflect potential environmental impacts.

The basic principles of good landscape water practices include: For the hotels, the improvements in both energy and water performance for the building, particularly the laundry facilities i.

As noted in the Methodology section of this report, ASHRAE provided the benefit-cost data, specifically the investment costs and projected energy usage building and sitewater usage building and site and waste water disposal based on building models not actual buildingssince the standard was only recently passed and has not been accepted by many jurisdictions or applied to actual w,i.

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The Phoenix Office—Silver had a slightly lower Net Savings than the Memphis Office—Gold, but required a lower incremental initial investment, and is therefore a better investment given the return on investment.

Ggi effective use of an economic efficiency analysis approach may require additional data collection, as well as clear delineation of the process to collect, refresh, maintain, and disseminate the data effectively to aid decision-making.

Only those costs that are relevant to the decision [for the alternatives] and significant in amount are needed to make a valid investment decision. Page 97 Share Cite.

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The Cumulative Annual Net Savings for each building in each location indicates the time at which the accumulating savings equal the initial investment that is, the lines cross the x-axis. The Annual Net Savings, then reflect the energy quantity reductions as well as the total value of those reductions based on the local market price.


Local municipal solid waste and hazardous waste costs were determined through caxe agency publications and published rates Table 6 and Appendix Dwith data source references. The consultant developed and applied the methodology building on existing research, methods, best practices, and existing tools to analyze the economic efficiency of the specified building standards and rating systems and to provide input into the development of the DOD comprehensive strategy.

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Timing of economic efficiency analysis for decision support on project studg, design, and implementation, particularly in the context of current authorization and appropriation processes, as well as existing legislative mandates; Current data collection and gbo processes at the installation, component, and DOD level, related to legislative requirements for reporting, and current management processes for strategic investment in DOD capital facility assets; Industry and market factors influencing the long-term economic efficiency of DOD military construction and renovation.

Table 16 Summary of Results for Standard LCCA is particularly suitable for the evaluation of building design.

gbi case study wmi

Formwhich is used to initiate the authorization process for military construction projects, requires a life cycle cost analysis.

It must be noted, however, that those results are highly sensitive to the heating and cooling loads for different climate zones and to the local factor unit prices. Evaluation of the final standard is a very time consuming process and consequently follows publication of the standard by a significant time lag. DOD’s report to the congressional defense committees must also include a copy of DOD policy prescribing a comprehensive strategy for the pursuit of design and building standards across the department that include casd energy-efficiency standards and sustainable design attributes for military construction based on the cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, and demonstrated payback required for the aforementioned building standards and green building certification systems.

The consultant then gathered and analyzed example building gbu to calculate the cost-benefit, return on investment, and long-term payback achievable using sustainable building standards specified in the NDAA Section As an example of this concept, Figure 2 shows the five locations for both building types.