We may have shared a few classes together, or even had a chat here and there, but you never bothered to remember me. Views Read Edit View history. Many of you probably don ‘ t know who I am. When the basketball team first get the trophy, the cameraman and some of the crew are reflected in the basketball on the trophy. Peter Johnson of The Guardian describes the film as so bland that it “makes cellophane taste like chicken jalfrezi “, and says that “the sheer squeaky-cleanness of everything is creepy, and when the characters are called upon to dance, they do so with robotic efficiency, and sing in that decaffeinated high vibrato, like 21st-century Hollywood castrati. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What do you wish people knew?

Which beautifully brings us to the future. That ‘ s why they always say to make the most of these years—it all gets about a million times harder from here. And there is no one face of mental illness — it could affect a friend, a parent, or even yourself. My knowledge of loss, vulnerability, and loneliness drove me to pursue advocacy, creating the Joy Is Genius campaign to help teenagers manage stress, anxiety, mental illness, and life during high school. I’ve thought extensively about what advice I could give my peers — how my words might bring beauty to the end of an era and lead the people I love into the start of a new age. When it gets knocked out of his hands Troy picks it up but a split second later it is not in Troy’s hands anymore, and Troy has his hands around Gabriella.

Why do you think our parents are so happy?

graduation speech hsm3

In the next shot Troy is dancing with Gabriella and the ball is gone. And there is no one face of mental illness — it could affect a friend, a parent, or even yourself. The Juilliard representatives are there, and watch as the show seems to go well. You might as well start hugging your friends goodbye now because it ‘ s unlikely you ‘ ll know anything about each other post college, much less 10 or 20 years from now.


When Troy and Gabriella are dancing on the roof, the back of Gabriella’s dress, just under her hair, is ripped. Not really, but can someone send her this?

Meanwhile, the film’s soundtrack was also successful, as it peaked at number two in the United States. The very next day, Troy asks Gabriella to the dance while on the rooftop seen previously in the first film as The Graaduation Club, a place where Troy goes seeking some quiet. October Learn how and when to remove graduaion template message.

High School Musical 3 – We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version) – Ouvir Música

Archived from the original on You might even crack your phone screen on these god-forsaken tile floors. You may witness death and oppression and experience outrage.

Darbus announces that the show will be hsm33 “Senior Year” and will focus on the future of the graduating seniors. Troy and Gabriella appear during the second half of the show and sing their duet together, redoing Jimmie and Sharpay’s understudied reprise.

If Graduation Speeches Were Honest, They Might Sound Something Like This

High school is fine. At the half, Troy rallies his team with, ” Now or Never “, and with an assist from a new freshman team member, Jimmie “Rocket-man” Gaduation, the Wildcats win the Championship.

While he runs to the huddle he is taking off his warm up jacket. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. You are in control of finding and taking your own opportunities.


Troy Bolton’s Graduation Speech is the Best Graduation Speech Ever

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. We learn how to be social and to act as contributing members of society.

graduation speech hsm3

Audible Download Audio Books. Senior Year received generally spech to positive reviews from critics. Throwing their caps in the air, the graduates form a giant ” wildcat ” before breaking out into one last song and dance “High School Musical”. Upon release, the film received generally positive critical success, with critics noting it as an improvement over the previous two installments.

Retrieved 26 December She trusts that Troy would lock up. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Darbus has great trust in Troy, and also knows his father works at the school.

Corbin Bleu’s Vegas Bachelor Party Included A Special High School Musical Guest – MTV

So hello, Class ofparents, teachers, friends, loved ones, and, if you’re reading from the comfort of your own home, adorable pets! Wear the statement necklace. But here are some of the truths I’ve discovered along the way. Troy gets green paint on his hands, then climbs over the white fence without getting green paint on it. The trees have full summer leaves at the party after the basketball game. Yes No Share this Share this: Principal photography began on May 3, ; the 41 days scheduled for shooting was a longer period than for the first two films.