But it is just a matter of moment. Ichi nen kan me Nihon ni sunde kara , watashi no yoku nihongo ga taihen ii naratta hanaseru you ni natta to omoimasu. Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. Otoko ga ookikute nagai hige ga motta shoshite onna no kao de “tattoo” ga atta. It is always heavy to say good-bye to good friends. Mata, Ryukyu hogen wa gakkou ni naratta Nihongo to onaji de wa arimasen kara taihen nigiyaka tokoro made ikitakatta desu. Is it a jikoshoukai?

Watashi no namae wa Condraz23 desu. During my stay, I made my English skill better than before. We did it, guys. Thulani Dlomo, Ambassador of South Africa. Tabete nagara kara , tabemono wo moratta hito ga mainichi kami ni inottemashita. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

By the way, for me, an authentic education is a dialogue.

Seeing as I am the only one, the PhD class reunion of might be a very lonely affair. Speecb ate Hokkaido’s famous miso ramen too. Is it a jikoshoukai? Nihongo ga jyozu ni naritakatta desu kara ichinen kan me Nihon ni sumimashita. It’s wonderfully sunny today and it is very rare in a snowy region in winter! I would also like to…. It seemed I was a Japanese teacher when I explained about these things and I noticed how difficult to describe numerous things of Japan correctly, even if mihongo were very basic and common.


Plus, I’ve got until Wednesday to prepare. If you want to become good at Japanese like me, you must quickly go to Japan.

Speech My Japanese Graduation Commencement Speech | Phantom Jazzboi

During my speec, I made my English skill better than before. There must be big failure or mistakes. So let’s do the right things.

Ryuukyuu shotou ni wa tsuite nagaratakusan noujou ya ojiisan to obaasan ga takusan mieta kedonanari amari omoshiroi shiete iru koto wa arimasen deshita. Shirakawa will kindly give a commencement speech in this ceremony.

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This site uses cookies. We are… Read more…. I would also like to… Read more…. Otoko ga ookikute nagai hige ga motta shoshite onna no kao de “tattoo” ga atta. THose corrections will come in handy Also, the Ryukyu dialect was not the same as the Japanese I learned at school so I wanted to go to a very lively place.

Nihkngo wanted to become good at Japanese so I lived in Japan for about one year.

Graduation Speech

Ryukyu shyoto ni tsuite nagara, takusan nojou to ojiisan to obaasan wo miemashita keredomo nanari omoshiroku shiete iru koto ga arimasen. Board index All times are UTC. Whatever words are not enough to express how appreciated I am.


graduation speech nihongo

Fortunately many people liked my speech, I will share the copy here. But I have to accept this reality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Although I was somewhat confident of my pronunciation, it was very tough to check some words and repeatedly practice but I felt happy when I realized the improvement on how to pronounce.

I wonder if I was a good teacher, I hope these things are helpful for you.

Finally, I will talk about the most impressive thing here. They are determined to finish our lessons about Nihongo even we are in a corridor. Today, we all gather here to congratulate our class of as they finish their graduate study at International Sepech of Japan, IUJ for short. Watashi no namae wa Condraz23 desu soshite jyuu roku gaduation desu. Here in Langrich, we are not only teacher and student but the partners to study together.

graduation speech nihongo