Which data, obtained during the intake assessment and interview, indicates that Kat has an increased risk for osteoporosis? A Record her grip strengths. A Six weeks after starting the medication, Kat leaves a message for the nurse that she is experiencing increasingly frequent and severe heartburn. D Assess for sensation and movement of the feet every 4 hours. A Prepare the client for a blood transfusion. B Case Outcome Kat stays with her daughter until her surgical recovery is complete and continues the PTH injections for a year. D An experienced orthopedic LPN who is already at work and has requested to work overtime whenever possible.

CORRECT Diminished sensation and movement of the feet, along with diminished pedal pulses, pallor, and pain indicate impaired peripheral neurovascular function. In addition, regular exercise improves muscle strength and coordination, reducing the client’s risk for falls. In planning Kat’s care, which problem has the highest priority? C Body mass index of What action should the charge nurse implement? However, osteoporosis is not primarily inherited, and can be affected by activity.

Does a gender wage gap exist in America? In providing client teaching, the nurse discusses the need for periodic monitoring of which diagnostic serum hrsi value?

What action should the nurse implement? D Reassure Kat that heartburn is a common side effect of Fosamax. D Do your hands or feet ever swell when you exercise? Kat states, “It is so comforting to be able to stay with my daughter while I recover.


B Reassure the client that there are no dyes or products containing iodine used during a DXA. During that time her bone density improves and she remains fracture free. I am looking for answers for evolve case studies on. C “You may prefer to take the medication with a specific meal once a week. C “Walking more than a mile at one time is likely to increase your risk for another fracture. D “The best way to increase your bone strength is by lengthening your weekly walk by another mile.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

A Pelvic Fracture Management Kat’s respiratory status gradually improves and one-on-one monitoring is no longer required. B Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. B “Many persons with osteoporosis do not have any symptoms.

During her next visit to her healthcare provider, she receives a prescription for daily subcutaneous injections of teriparatide Fortecoparathyroid hormone, to treat her osteoporosis.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

B Teach the client exercises that will strengthen her abdominal muscles. CORRECT Pelvic fractures can be extremely painful, impacting stydy aspects of the client’s well-being, contributing to fatigue, sleep pattern disturbance, and impaired physical mobility. D “Participating in sports activities often helps the bones become stronger and denser. C “By taking 3 of your calcium tablets each day you will receive adequate amounts of calcium for your needs.

Are vaccines safe for children?

Do anyone have the correct answers? I used the first three answers for Kat Mitchell osteoporosis case study and they are incorrect. The use of placebos is considered unacceptable in the management of pain by the American Pain Society. D Immediately confront the nurse in the break room about the negative remarks.


Symptoms are the result of poor oxygenation, so the nurse’s first interventions should include measures to improve oxygenation, such as the application of oxygen. Solved The words ‘”groovy,” “awesome,” “phat,” “nerd,” and “poser” are all used in your text as examples of.

Her vital signs are: D Has occasionally taken ibuprofen Motrin for lower back pain for the last 2 years. C Sleep pattern disturbance.

I hope I am not a burden to her.

Mitchell, who requests that she be called Kat. This client requires the expertise of the RN for assessment and transfusion management. D An experienced orthopedic LPN who is already at work and has requested to work overtime whenever possible.

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B Sulfasalazine Azulfidinean antiinflammatory sulfonamide, administered during the acute exacerbation. C Measure abdominal girth.

Acute deterioration of respiratory function may result in the need for endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation, so the nurse should ensure that this emergency equipment is readily available.