Be there as early as you can, sitting in your seat acclimatising to your surroundings is helpful before the exam. Once completed, it is often helpful to ask someone else to read the essays and to suggest improvements or alternative approaches to the prompts. Regitrations close five pm GMT second January two thousand nineteen. I suggest doing sample tests to familiarise yourself with questions in Section 2. Regitrations close five fifteen pm GMT twenty January two thousand eighteen.

Registrations open early November two thousand seventeen. Understand and analyse what you are reading. It is not possible to guarantee start and finish times. Five books to read before starting medical school. You figuring out where you went wrong is much more beneficial than being told.

Note that it is not necessary to agree with the prompts.

What is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster?

The contexts in which questions are set include general interest, science and social science, with materials presented as text, diagrams and tables.

Reminder Email 2 – Wednesday 13 February Are there hpwt places online that offer free sample tests and corresponding answers? Has the candidate written clearly and fluently?


hpat essay questions

Candidates are often concerned about the expected length of the essays. Candidates should write neatly and legibly in pen. When 6th year comes, you should really try to form a study group. Is the language used by the candidate precise and appropriate?

Some questions may require basic mathematical skills. There are no breaks between the three sections. The week before the exam, take it easy. Results Validity of Results Appeals.

hpat essay questions

Scrap paper is not allowed. There are qudstions of different methods for answering Section 3 questions like, mapping, counting and common base.

hpat essay questions

Within reason, the quality of the writing is much more important than the length. Reminder Email 1 – Monday essya February In other words, the examining body can remove certain questions even though you spent valuable time on them. Release of Admission Ticket – Friday 8 February Your preparation will depend on the materials you have available to you.

This means that someone who dedicated their efforts to 2 other questions and succeeded now quesrions an advantage over you when it comes to their score. You will not be assessed on the correctness of the ideas or attitudes you display.


Regitrations close five fifteen pm GMT twenty January two thousand eighteen. A lot of people note that preparation can significantly help them to improve their scores in Section 3.

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Reminder Email 2 – Wednesday 13 February Candidates should try to complete the essays in one hour under ‘test conditions’. Go on to the next question and come back later if you have time. Has the candidate developed a structured and organised piece of writing?

University Admission Admission Guide. Reminder Email 2 – Wednesday 13 February Is the language used by the candidate precise and appropriate? Section 3 deals with sequences and patterns.

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If you mark more than one answer to a question it will be considered wrong. Results released late June two thousand eighteen. Section 1 Critical Reasoning questions are drawn from a variety of general sources.