In case of admission, I will spend the summer in a German-speaking country and start learning German. Real Estate Finance, Research focus: Do post if you disagree, of course I don’t want to expect something and be surprised when I fail at achieving it. The fund offers scholarships for any international company. In addition and most importantly, the MBF trained me to quickly understand complex sets of information, as well as to stay curious and ask the right questions to find solutions when thrown in at the deep end. You probably will not have a problem with the Maths required for the course but it might take longer for you to complete the degree. Numerous events are organized in order to enable students to build a valuable network.

Systemic Risk, Market Microstructure Prof. There are many benefits to timing your practice , including:. If I was able to pay for the above – i. Snowden, I wanted to ask you one more thing. Skip to main content. I’d love to get another perspective on the matter.

Thank you very much for your help. For those students who don’t speak German but have another European language, Geneva is also an option over Zurich, and the banks there “love St. No problem, unsubscribe here. Please visit MBF admissions online: As a federal republic with a system of direct mbd, Switzer- Rooms can be found at the housing market of the Student Union.

MBF integration days calendar week 36 Courses begin: Their excellent analytical and HSG loan and scholarship fund The scholarship fund was set up by the HSG to support students problem solving skills make them highly valued mbr need of financial assistance.


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We are convinced that sound theoretical and methodological fundamen- Worldwide alumni network tals are essential for graduate tyesis in finance. Interview Debriefs – NEW! Gallen, is a student initiative and offers a plat- form that brings together over companies and 1, students. Other than that, all I see from any of your posts is broken illusions.

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mster We invite you to join our club following your graduation! English Tuition fees per semester: Although it is true that going on exchange extends your study. Most MBF alumni work for globally leading financial institutions, tgesis consultancies, in the strategy and finance departments of non- financial corporations and other professional services providers in both Switzerland and around the world.

If I do a non-DD exchange, I’d like to go to the states – I think I can organize it myself if no exchange placement is available, can I?

MBF start event The MBF start event traditionally takes place on a boat cruise on Lake Constance, where the new students have the opportunity to get to know each other better. I’m thesls starting work without having written my thesis which is not uncommon employers seem to be quite flexible in this regard. If this question in itself doesn’t sound paradox to you, I feel sorry.

Master’s thesis

The PEVC Club organizes annual Private Equity Days, which Together with its corporate partners, the Investment Club hosts encompass speeches, workshops and interviews — all revolving a wide variety of events, ranging from an investment banking around the PE industry. Remember me on this computer. Not interested in getting valuable practice questions and articles delivered to your email?


There are many benefits to timing your practiceincluding: What are the chances, how many do apply for it?

Contextual studies The contextual studies are designed to give students the opportu- nity to develop themselves intellectually and culturally beyond the scope of their core studies. Gallen are collected before awarded annually. The information on this publication is correct as of Februarybut the University of St.

hsg mbf master thesis

The Financial the last five years, a selection: For an up-to-date overview please visit us online: I have my own furniture so an empty room, be it single apartment or shared flat, would do. I even met an non-EU girl at one of my interviews for a Swiss based position and she was in her final round. People who take 4 semesters seem to be the ones who went on exchange to the US or Asia, or those who take 1 or 2 courses in the 4th semester alongside writing their thesis.

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I think you have the option to take a fresher’s week which reduces the amount of credits you have to take not too sure how it works. In case of admission, I will spend the summer in a German-speaking country and start learning German.

Gallen in general and the MBF in particular.