She felt that she was being sidelined because she was a woman, and a person of color. It is important that all employees are held accountable and if anyone, regardless of position, violates a policy that there are consequences to ensure employees have faith in the organization and its leadership. WHY Dairies should also minimize perceptual biases by increasing self-awareness; from this insight, employers have an enhanced understanding of biases in their decisions and behavior. Analyze and discuss the case first. So, Emotional intelligence is another perceptual error that I can narrate from the case study.

Gilman recognized Beauport’s surprise, which he assumed was her positive response to hearing of this wonderful career opportunity. Rochelle thought that because she was one of the few women of color in marketing management and after the significant credit works of her she had been sidelined like she is no longer important to brand management. It is important that all employees are held accountable and if anyone, regardless of position, violates a policy that there are consequences to ensure employees have faith in the organization and its leadership. Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance. Action Plan Stereotyping is present in all places.

Hy’s Dairies Case Study

The social identity theory is defined as people defining themselves by the groups they belong to or have an emotional attachment to. Communication and sharing is the best solution for any problem. He should anseers Beauport summarize what she heard in the meeting to ensure that it is what Gilman intended. Gilman could find out that Beauport had experienced blatant gender discrimination with her previous employer and that staff jobs such as marketing research coordinator are not always valued.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. He feels it helped him greatly when he moved into senior management.


hy dairies case study answers

The employee identified herself as a minority, feeling as if the Etudy offer was a negative due to her skin color and gender. All the significant increase in sales figures credit of the company achieved over past two quarters goes to Rochelle Beauport.

HY Dairies – Perceptual error in the workplace

This position is a lateral move. The case study revolves around the perception of stereotyping and perceptual errors.

This lead people to categorize other individual based on their belief and perception. Bayport views this new Job that could hurt her career. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Marketing research coordinator was a technical support position—a “backroom” job—far removed from the company’s bottom-line activities.

But she enjoyed her brand management works. Gilman began the conversation by briefly mentioning the favorable sales figures, and then explained that he wanted Beauport to take the marketing research coordinator job. Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods.

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Gilman had the misperception that because Beauport is in marketing, as he is, she would naturally want to follow a similar career path to his.

And Communication between team members and leaders is the major step that organizations should take to minimize these kinds of situations Along with that organizations should hire the people with emotional intelligence. He felt that they would share a similar outlook on their employment and this move was the best method to advance careers with Hy Dairies.

Conclusion Rochelle Beauport, Assistant brand manager, has perceived the steps of her boss. And her perception towards Syd is also the stereotyping ,as she categorized him with other people from the company.


Perceptual Errors According to Katz,Perception is achievement, not a process. Accessed May 22, The main perceptual process that involve in the case study is Halo effect.

This paper examines and analyzes the stereotype especially descriptive and prescriptive stereotype. Terrorism and National Security. Beauport was dairries with several tasks that afternoon but was able to consider the day’s events that evening.

She was one of the few women of color in marketing management at Hy Dairies and had a promising career with the company. These include equity theory Chapter 5 and exit-voice-loyalty-neglect Chapter 4.

hy dairies case study answers

It may seem that this case involves stereotyping—specifically, that Syd Gilman has stereotyped Rochelle Beauport. Concept Complexity Complexity is the distinct role or identity that people perceive about themselves; to this point Sad did not see himself as stereotyping Rockwell because he did not view the promotion as a negative but rather a preparation for her future with the company.

Within this case study both stereotyping and social identity came into play. Also, she did not know her boss well enough to be openly cwse.

HY Dairies – Perceptual error in the workplace

Beauport feels that the opportunity for future advancement will be stalled if she accepts this new position. Awareness of perceptual biases reduces biases by making employees more mindful of their thoughts and dqiries. The company should establish an Open Door policy to minimize any further communication issues or possible misperceptions.