Do they apply to different organisations across the globe? It has 16 major categories that lead to thousands of in-depth research topics: Already have an account? Posted April 28, Discover the best professional documents and content resources in AnyFlip Document Base.

Zondle is a great tool for revising in a fun and engaging way. Already have an account? Who worked at an investment bank in New York? Approach your assessment the IB Way: During the first meeting with your me, discuss the research you’ve done, your ideas, and the requirements. Great to link with TOK as well. Posted April 28,


Claim or contact us about this channel. A great resource to have on the screen behind as you teach a lesson on how debt builds.

ib b&m case study 2015

Detailed Diagrams – Indirect Taxation. The narration is excellent and whilst watching, the class were required to jot down their thinking in terms of the characteristics of leadership portrayed from the video. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Below is a list of some of the things you could try as part of your revision plan: By now, your students probably know the answers to the following questions: Adapted from O’Farrell, Finbar.

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The Imperial – Week 3 classroom activity. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Are they proud to work for RDB?

B&M Case Study – May – Business & Management – IB Survival

Higher level concepts appear in italics It is important to learn these quantitative techniques and to be able to use them to aid business decision-making. The course explores how business decision-making processes impact on and are affected by internal and external environments. For example, a hostile takeover is likely to affect: Remember that the best answers are studh in context, with application of real world examples where appropriate.


ib b&m case study 2015

How well have your students got to the know the LadyA case study for the May and Nov exams? Could also be used as a compare and contrast when teaching development economics. Are you the publisher?

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It has a host of brilliant iib, up to date and current – but more importantly, detailed, clinical and very exam focused. I am sure many of you have seen this before but “First Follower: The Diploma Programme business and management course is designed to develop an understanding of business theory, as well as an ability to apply business principles, practices and skills.

Read on for details of some of the poster ideas for this case study Never a bad thing in my eyes The game is developed by tutor2u’s very own Jon Clark, so thank you to Jon for making this fully editable game for us to use. These resources are designed to support the IB teachers in preparing students for the internal and external assessments. Great to link with TOK as well. The use of the turnitin for originality checking supports the ideas and other forms of intellectual Property which places the importance of using this online software helping students to avoid plagiarism and to produce an acceptable piece of EE project.

For example, you might want to revise Accounts and Finance in one particular revision session, perhaps focusing on one or two topics, such as cash flow forecasting Unit 3. IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 1 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com Additional information Item 1 Key financial information related to South American music concerts for LAM All figures are in US To stage South American music concerts the management of LAM has determined that the most cost effective method of doing so would be to purchase the required transport vehicles and lighting and sound equipment The equipment needed for each concert would then be transported to each venue This capital investment is estimated at 2 million The following data relate to ticket sales in South American music concert locations Direct labour per ticket 6 Variable costs per unit including the percent of ticket sales paid to stadium owners 5 50 Fixed costs including stadium hire and promotion Selling price 30 Maximum capacity of average sized stadiums is 30 seats P a g e 22 It is perfectly placed as a group 3 subject since it is the study of both the way in which individuals and groups interact in an organization and of the transformation of resources.


Published by Genelyn Gevero Can they work out when Valdemar Holstein and Anna Holstein were born?

ib b&m case study 2015

Some flexibility might be necessary but remain focused and disciplined. Then followed a lively discussion that led into the differences between leadership and management and formal and informal leadership.

Next, use some questioning techniques that expand and deepen their learning.