Demand and Recovery Chapter 9: Risk Management Chapter Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy Chapter 2: However, you should try and learn some of the important case laws, especially landmark judgments and case laws referred to in the Revisionary Test Papers RTP’s. CA Final Study Material.

Types of Duty Chapter 3: Important Definitions — Unit 3: Payment of Tax Chapter Mention all the facts of the case briefly as given in the question. If you don’t mention the case law name don’t worry you only lose.

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Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement Chapter 7: Special Audit Assignments — Unit 1: Peer Review — Unit 2: I have my CA Final exams in Nov and I hardly remember any case laws name except a few which are really famous and mentioned in the books quite a lot of times. Winding Up Chapter 8: Incomes which atudy not form part of Total Income Chapter 4: If you can develop some acronyms or associate it some way in the topic, its good or acse you can learn it, write it out on a sheet and keep that sheet on the wall in front your study table so that you can review it once in a while.


Mention the name of the case law if you are really sure about the name…. Ica can I remember all case law’s names in taxation in the CA final?

icai idt case study

Advance Ruling Chapter Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution Chapter 3: Time of Supply Chapter 7: I used icsi use some basic techniques like associating the names of the plaintiff or defendant with a mental image of what that person looked like and then imagined him go through the whole proceedings of the case as if it were a scene from a movie.

Budgetary Control Chapter Assessment of Various Entities Chapter It doesn’t matter how hard you have worked, all that matters is how you present in on the day of exam.

icai idt case study

Deductions from Gross Total Income Chapter Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Chapter 5: Miscellaneous Provisions Chapter You can also download from the links below.

Mention only what the law says. I remember not fussing too much over remembering a lot of case laws for my CA Final exams.


Strategic Decision Making Chapter 6: Derivatives Analysis and Valuation Chapter Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Chapter 6: Study Guidelines for May examination. Assessment Procedure Chapter Succession, Bad debts, Income of Predecessor, claim by successor Hope it helps: Now the question comes how to remember and that, my friend, depends totally on you.

icai idt case study

Risk Assessment and Internal Control Chapter 4: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Chapter 5: Residence and Scope of Total Income Chapter 3: Basic Concepts Chapter 2: Company Law Chapter 9: