In short,reciprocating her feelings is not the only option to resolve her HEART problems,thus everyone have that kind of problem either,so stop thinking too much. Reply Parent Thread Link. One can argue that she is his “best friend,” but those arguments only go so far. I just don’t consider it being kidnapped to be honest. Her brother has taken his last breath in Ichigo’s family’s clinic. Read these for more explanation

It’s just because I saw that Rukia is actually the best for Ichigo. A friend of mine who’s an IchiRuki fan lost faith in me keeping to my beliefs because of this XD; but this was the only case ever and even that came after quite a while. Up to this day, any and all IchiRuki fans I’ve met denied any and all other relationships Ichigo might have, most painfully his relationship with Orihime. I don’t think anyonce can argue this is just coincidence, I love how the author broke the arcs down in these important story-telling points and paralells like ‘the goodbye scene’ en ‘first reunion’ etc. Ichigo is blaming himself for her injuries and feeling angry at his inability to protect his friends. And much better than my usual explanation, which is to open the book to any given page and say, “Look. Then just to be rejected later?

You are so amazing, I love the way you express yourself. Rukia didn’t push Ichigo to tell her about his Mom’s death,she just told him that she’ll wait till the time comes that he thinks it would be okay for him to tell her,because she knew he was HURTING ,when being reminded about the incident. Now, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings Log in No account? After they talked to their grandmom’s poster, the former captain will give them another hug.


Those two couples’ll be my main example.

A few seconds later, a carrot-top ilvejournal bursted in his door. It is those sorts of shippers that dismiss Orihime like that that have put me off of IshiHime.

Ichiruki vs Ichihime : do they really have an equal possibility?

It just pains me oh so much to see so many people go as far as argue in Wikipedia that Rukia esway be above Orihime in an alphabetically ordered list of characters Orihime vs. The problem is their grandmother died a long time ago.

ichiruki essay livejournal

But if there is a pairing at the end, it will be IchiRuki. You do it even better in person.! Remember the puppydog eyes? Divine Duckling divineduckling Posted at: I better not continue,or I might be accused of bashing her That’s why it sounds so logical and convincing. Nothing’s official until the end of the show or so where the author can allow himself true hardcore romance because it won’t mess up with anything else.

And I also admire you for being like that. About the age issue. Thanks so much for doing this! I am just releasing this because all of sudden I have become an Inspiration essay IchiHime shippers and it’s weirding me out. Be it the fanboys that just want the cool guy to hook up with the big breasted girl.


ichiruki essay livejournal

He is Hitsugaya Ligejournal. Among the whole Kurosaki family, Kaien thinks his Yuzu-obachan is his most normal family member. Like I said, they also sweet-looking, and if he only made them at Orihime, I would consider that significant. It’s so well-written, and it’s so true. I will begin by saying that the only person that ignores Ishida Uryuu’s existence more than Kurosaki Ichigo is aforementioned Inoue Orihime herself.

As I said in my other previous Bleach post, I only learned that there was a shipping war when I read about it on TvTropes.


These is the my response. I’ve seen IchiHime shippers say they “don’t see the romance between Ichigo and Rukia. IchiRuki fans tend to diss that all too easilly when me aside, enough people in show say that the time Ichigo and Rukia spent together before separating for the first time wasn’t enough for a friendship, let alone romance.

Well, I’m honored, I guess XD; about both parts how you got here and being the first. G – O Masterlist: His dad was supposedly a captain as well. If you take several panels from the HM arc completely out of context, that seems to be what is going on. No one ever passes the tests of Ichigo and Toushirou. Why would KT made