It allows users to store and manage their eBook purcahses in the cloud and synchronise between devices. Smart Homes – It consists of 4 questions on a pre-screen case study – 30 marks available – The exam is 1 hour 15 minutes Smart homes: It also features a nice table that shows which enhanced features are supported in each e-book file format – this itself could lead to a useful discussion about file formats and compatability. Privacy and user tracking Ability to make annotations and additions Ownership rights Ability to lend e-books Potential for censorship The use of DRM Few of these issues are covered in much detail in other media, so this page really is essential reading. You are commenting using your Google account.

All command terms can be used in this paper. Clearly this may raise privacy concerns. Latest Posts Should Language and Literature teachers give more privilege to the politicians? There is no true meaning to a text. Through their investigation of the case study, students should be able to: Case Study is now available.

In some instances, additional information may be provided in examination questions to allow candidates to generate new ideas.

itgs case study 2014 questions

It is also advisable that an ITGS class have access to a social bookmarking group on Diigo and also agree on a set of tags. Lines of the case study booklet describe the need to view e-books in a variety of file formats, and across a variety of hardware platforms, while maintaining synchronization between devices.

Case Study

Reducing cost Disadvantage – Very high initial price to implement or build this technology – It is still a hard concept to grasp with people with less knowledge in technology – The updates and function provided by smart homes needs constant stable connection – The models offered are still prototypes.


Uses sensors and devices to generate data throughout the home 4. Company of buildings with integrated IT system to improve comfort and energy efficiency 2.

This web page will be built up with a variety of articles and other primary and secondary resources to help ITGS teachers teach this case study.

ITGS Case Study 2014: Cobb Publishing and E-Books

Should I stop buying paper books and use an e-reader instead? Kindle Direct Pubishing from Amazon offers a similar service.

itgs case study 2014 questions

The scenario is cwse and describes how independent family-owned supermarkets in Mexico have created an association in order to:. Each smart device used in their smart home networks can be used individually.

Big data startups – public data – free for download this could then be analysed with some freely available data visualization software. Usually asks about comparisons. Students are required to answer all of the questions.

Blowing Up the Book is a wall street journal article that discusses the future of e-books and the possible enhancements publishers may start to include.

Which e-book reader should you buy? Both the secondary and primary research form the foundation for the Mock examination and also for preparing students for the actual examinations. The case study was released at the beginning of June The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF has a huge list of potential concerns relating to e-books and reader hardware, along with clear explanations of how these impacts the various stakeholders.

Kobo produce the Mini, Glo, and Touch e-book readers Apple’s iPad is much more than an e-book reader The e-book buyers guides and comparisons below may also be useful: Download the lesson here: In this case, it will ask a question about Brix Homes. Case Study – Data visualisation.


The Kindle Cloud Reader is an eBook reader that works is most web browsers. App — Software application used for a specific purpose. Discuss whether these are reasonable concerns for the customers to have. These materials remain here for reference only. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Question queestions will require the synthesis of information from a range of sources, including the citing of independent research and investigations, to develop an extended response to a specified issue.

Google eBooks is a similar service to Kindle Cloud Reader below. Stduy Publishing introduction questions.

Case Study Cobb Publishing (Paper 3) | ITGS Textbook

There is no true studyy to a text. Video example of smart home technology in action. Just-in-time process – definition Investopedia. The rights and wrongs of digital books discusses other difficulties relating to e-books, including the difficulty of “lending” books and the problems this causes for users and libraries.

Term 2 Gr12 Lesson Plans: Compatibility — If a hardware or software is able to communicate and work together Human—Computer Interaction HCI — The way in which you are able to interact with a computer such as speech control, can be controlled within a distance.